Win bigly review

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He does touch upon the issue from time to time, just not in any significant detail that I can recall from the book. Learning about confirmation bias helped me identify my own moments of it and greatly helped me see it in others. Nov 12, Jim Razinha rated it it was ok I chose this book because I thought the title humorous and the subtitle true. I had no idea he was irrational until I read this. It's not even good with respect to negotiation, but Adams has fallen in lust and blinded himself into rationalizing an unfathomable turn in voting lunacy.

Win bigly review

This is an excellent book that highlights the six most important aspects of persuasion with a lot of detail. Every time you communicate with someone you are trying to persuade them of something, whether you realize it or not. He knows how to command attention, establish a powerful frame , manipulate the media to his advantage, and put messages and themes inside your head that stick. It has excellent reviews. Here are some particularly good ones: He's already done the " The Making of a Hypnotist " chapter. Adams is a trained hypnotist. They disregard everything Trump does anyway. He likes to say that in the 2D world, things are one way, but in the 3D world of his creation , reality sets in and the truth is free. He cultivates packs of scared dog followers. Adams is an admitted atheist. There are a few possible reasons for this: And thus, you can learn a lot more from his positive sides that you can put into action in your own life. He surrounds himself with scared dogs. If people hear something often enough, they are more likely to believe that it is true. Like any great book, for the amount of useful information you learn for a low financial and time investment, it is absolutely worth a purchase. I finished this last week and I just need to be done with this… There are too many problems here to enumerate: And neither does hypnotism. It is all answered here - and more. He often oversimplifies some of the politics mentioned. His recommended reading list on the same subject for greater understanding is in the back of the book. Throughout the book, you can see where his decision making was affected at times by this prediction. Like a good marketer, hearing his repetitive statements on persuasion helps drive home the points even further. If he's not a buffoon but is instead a Master Persuader, perhaps there is hope for the country yet? Trump has made many mistakes throughout his candidacy and presidency, but he knows how to minimize the damage, survive, and adapt. It is an easy, yet thought-provoking read which shares insight on human perspective and how it is easily skewered.

Win bigly review

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  1. This is an excellent takeaway point from this book, and a significant mindset shift on viewing and approaching human interaction.

  2. Well, he clearly can't see that he - along with a saddening large lower denominator - is highly susceptible to a particular form of bombastic behavior that is not persuasion at all; rather, simply bullying.

  3. He thinks T is deliberate in his content. His skills insulate him, allowing him to see the powers of the Great Persuader.

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