Who invented kite surfing

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The patent was for "a water sport using a floating board of a surf board type where a pilot standing up on it is pulled by a wind catching device of a parachute type tied to his harness on a trapeze type belt". Direct onshore winds carry the risk of being thrown onto land or stuck in shallows. Kite gear is evolving at an incredible pace, with kites and bar systems becoming safer and more efficient. With most modern kites and control bars, to end a kite loop the user just pushes away or releases the bar. No images may be copied, stored, manipulated, published, sold or reproduced in whole or in part without the express written permission of Bob Childs or an authorized representative of Mad Moose Studio.

Who invented kite surfing

By the end of kitesurfing had become an extreme sport, distributed and taught through a handful group of shops and schools worldwide. Kite schools with qualified instructors can be found all around the world, and more youngsters and girls are getting into kiteboarding , which is great for any new sport. A wide variety of kite types are now available to suit the various kitesurfing styles, including C-kites, Bow kites, Delta kites, Hybrid kites, Foil kites and specialised light wind kites. Therefore kitesurfers, which need to react fast to incoming waves, tend to use shorter lines than the other kiters. High flotation boards like surfboards are preferable in such cases. The town is located at the NE end of the beach. Flash Austin won the competition. The development of modern day kitesurfing by the Roeselers in the USA and the Legaignoux brothers in France carried on in parallel with kite buggying. The first time he used the KiteSki system in Maui was in Therefore the wind window rotates as the board moves and generates apparent wind into itself. Page at a glance A brief history of kitesurfing In the s, George Pocock used kites of increased size to propel carts on land and ships on the water, using a four-line control system - the same system in common use today. Bruno Legaignoux But the pioneers of kiteboarding as we know it today are the Legaignoux brothers, Dominique and Bruno Legaignoux from Breton, France, who are credited with inventing the first inflatable kite. Many new brands kick off their activity and the athletes and organizations spread through the world. Through the s, there were occasionally successful attempts to combine kites with canoes, ice skates, snow skis, water skis and roller skates. Wind power, control lines and kite paths[ edit ] In some way all wind sports harvest the energy of the wind. Two brothers, Bruno Legaignoux and Dominique Legaignoux, from the Atlantic coast of France, developed kites for kitesurfing in the late s and early s and patented an inflatable kite design in November , a design that has been subsequently used by companies to develop their own products. In this aspect, kiteboarding seems unique among other wind sports, since it allows the user to generate apparent wind independently of the movement of the user platform, the board. The licensing agreement settles all intellectual property rights between the parties for inflatable kites and control systems, past and present. After , there became a lot of different styles that suit different types. From onwards, twin-tip bi-directional boards became more popular for most flat water riders, with directional boards still in use for surf conditions. The first kites are tested in catamarans, small fishing boats, water skis, windsurf boards, skateboards, inline skates, inflatable boats, kayaks, buggies and many other watercraft devices. They first started experimenting with kites in , and in demonstrated a prototype at the Brest International Speed Week and filed their first patent. The first bow kite widely available was the Cabrinha Crossbow. Unfortunately, the Legaignoux brothers were still not lucky. He developed the KiteSki, which resembles modern day kitesurfing and quickly turned into a surfboard like board.

Who invented kite surfing

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  1. In , inspired by "Jacob's Ladder," a catamaran pulled by flexifoils, Dominique and Bruno thought of a dual line kite propulsor. The Legaignoux brothers, would be one of my winning choices.

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