Who holds the record for the most sex

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Incredibly enough, she lifted 14 kilograms worth of weights-- almost 31 pounds-- to achieve such notoriety. Was someone telling porkies? Getty Orlando was on the mind of Pride goers up and down the country on Sunday. But mostly just… HOW?! Each sex act and position was choreographed so that couples were simultaneous in their actions.

Who holds the record for the most sex

Most sex in a day Lisa Sparks, a pornography actress, broke the record for having sex with the most people in a day. Lisa Sparxxx Largest gangbang: Source 9World's Strongest Vagina lifts 31 lbs with her vagina Meet Tatiata Kozhevnikova, the year-old Russian woman with the world's strongest vagina. Source 2World's Largest Vagina 19 inches - Sheyla Hershey underwent nine operations to get the world's largest breast implants at 38KKK. Getty 5 of 15 Two men share a kiss after a moment of silence for the victims of the Orlando shootings at the DC Pride Festival. In Japan couples had sex at the same time and in the same place while camera crews recorded the event. Just think of the speed! Getty Community participants stand together during a march in West Hollywood. Tatyana Kozhevnikova is a Russian gymnast with an enviable talent. Biggest orgy The biggest orgy took place in Japan, where couples people turned up to have a go at mass bonking. Some of the below sex records are more accurate than others, but most are based on some degree of sound evidence. Francis Benedict mentions a 12 inch clitoris. He also holds the records for height 12 ft 4in and speed She had sex with guys in a single day, setting a world record. The mother with the greatest number of kids that are not tiwns is Livia Ionce. The child did not survive the rigors of birth, but a cast was made, still on display at the Cleveland Museum of Health. He also holds the records for the greatest height 12 ft 4in - Sounds more like giving birth than an orgasm to us! Mr Jogi admits he is not certain how many children his series of four wives have borne him - but counts at least 12 sons and nine daughters and 20 grandchildren. The furthest ejaculation Many men worry most about premature ejaculation Tatyana, you put the kegal in wtf. The couple settled down into married life, built a mansion filled with enormous furniture, including an 11' by 7' bed where they consummated their union. In BC, King Menephta defeated the Libyans and to celebrate, cut off 13, penises from the defeated army. American man Horst Schultz was recorded ejaculating 18 feet 9 inches.

Who holds the record for the most sex

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