When a guy says he needs time to himself

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So with that out of the way: Men will typically view themselves as weak and incapable if they voice their feelings or lean on other people for help or support. Wouldn't it be much worse to expect him to come crawling back to you and then be totally devastated when that didn't happen? When you approach him from a place of genuinely wanting to make the relationship better and wanting to make him feel loved, he will be receptive to you.

When a guy says he needs time to himself

Men will typically view themselves as weak and incapable if they voice their feelings or lean on other people for help or support. He might say he needs space, or he might just start taking it without warning. So if he says that he wants space, it's very possible that he literally wants space but not to end things altogether. But no matter how tough it may be to hear these words, he's saying them to you for a reason and you have to listen and figure out what's really going on. Focus on those things, and his need for space will no longer be frightening or nerve-wracking. He doesn't want to live someone else's life or feel like he should be doing something according to what society wants. When a woman is upset, she will typically want to talk about it with those she feels closest to. If you want to be super naive and innocent sorry but just being real here , then you can believe that he doesn't want to end the relationship and that he really does want is a break. Are you doing something wrong? If he was truly cool with the choice that he made and the changes in your lives, then he would never, ever say that he needed space. And the same goes for women. She feels shut out and rejected and may come to resent him for it, thus exacerbating any problems that already exist. The key mindset shift here is this: In any of these cases, there are things you can do to reassure him. If he genuinely needed time apart because he was feeling overwhelmed, you should find out what was causing him to feel that way and work together on rectifying the problem. When a man needs space, it often has little, if anything, to do with you. And even worse is when she tries to solve the problem for him. As a woman, you should never deny a man his time to recharge. Men need to feel like they are in charge of their lives, like they are capable of solving whatever comes up. The Real Reasons Men Lose Interest Try to fill up your life with things that make you happy and things that you love to do. If, on the other hand, he wanted time apart from you in order to date other women or see if someone else was better for him, then you should ask yourself if this is the kind of man you want to give your heart to. And yeah, he cares about you. The first is a very subtle, sneaky one. So maybe he's giving you a chance to ask him how he's feeling and he might be opening up a real conversation that will lead to some real answers and change. The trick is to bring positive energy into the relationship — filling it up and raising it overall. Your mood is what controls your vibe, and your vibe controls how everyone around you reacts to you. I talk a lot more about this in my article on why guys suddenly lose interest.

When a guy says he needs time to himself

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