Weirs beach drive in movie theater

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Deep fried snack bars and other tasty treats that you can't get anywhere else are way make this place special. At one point in time, the U. A big bonus for California residents and visitors? If you're all about reducing your carbon footprint, this theater is a must-visit. He charged 25 cents per car and per person to see Wives Beware, a British comedy.

Weirs beach drive in movie theater

The restoration is now underway and will take a few years. While sitting in a movie theater, rather than reclining in your SUV or compact car, is now the norm, many drive-in theaters are still operational. After struggling with low attendance for years, owner Mike Harroun installed a wind turbine to help reduce electric costs in Or maybe it was as a teen when the local drive-in movie theater was the perfect place to gather with friends maybe even a few who got in for free hidden in the trunk and party while taking in the latest flick. Not many drive-ins left. The Ford Drive-In features five screens, showing two-for-the-price-of-one movies. He charged 25 cents per car and per person to see Wives Beware, a British comedy. Maybe you were a kid and a night at the drive-in movie theater was a way for your parents to get out of the house and not hire a babysitter. Southern California's drive-ins generally stay open year-round. I really hope this place continues to run because I love it. An American tradition was born. After further experimentation, Hollingshead received a patent for the idea in May of , and created Park-In Theaters, Inc. Bathrooms are horrible, pavement is full of holes and that is a safety issue. Apparently his mother found traditional movie theater seats a tad confining. Customers love the friendly and welcoming staff there, which makes for a great movie experience. Attend at own risk. Bring your own food in and enjoy 2 movies. Ive been coming w my parents since i was very little now i started the tradition w my daughter at 9months old she loved it.. July visit and movie 2 didn't end until 2am. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions concerning this web site please email to: A big bonus for California residents and visitors? The playhouse is a year-round, family-run theatre dedicated to bringing quality arts and entertainment to the Lakes Region. Live performances were only a memory by the s, when it had become a single-screen movie palace. As a bonus for avid movie-watchers, on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights, the first film of the double feature is replayed after the second film for free. You feel like you're stepping back in time, not just a replica but the real thing.

Weirs beach drive in movie theater

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