Ways to spice up sex for married couples

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Good enough to eat. See a sex therapist. Blindfold your partner before performing oral sex, using an actual blindfold or a discarded piece of clothing. Whether it is light spanking or leaving a big red mark for the next two days kind of spanking, it is definitely a good idea to consider.

Ways to spice up sex for married couples

Tell each other how sexy you are while you are engaging in some steamy foreplay. Remember to agree on a safeword: Keeping your thoughts in the gutter all day will definitely pay off at night. Play show and tell. We know that reading this blog has made you eager to get to work, but please make sure you have the consent of your partner before trying anything new. Try to match your pace and rhythm with that of each new song. Get out of bed. Spicing up your sex life can improve your relationship with your partner and result in a host of health benefits. Try only removing key pieces of clothing. Get a new point of view. Give the person you are going to have sex with a sensual massage. As long as both you and your partner are comfortable, role-playing can provide hours of entertainment. Watch a sexy DVD. There are quite a few different items that may just spark sometime between the two of you. Light some candles, incense, and play the right music. Make a sex playlist. Focus on making eye contact with your partner in or out of bed. Well, now you can act on it — legally! Share naughty photos that you take of yourself with your partner throughout the day so by the time you meet up you are horny as can be. Explore bondage if you are feeling a little daring. If you are really feeling daring, you can even try having sex in public or semi-public places, like a park or public restroom. One of the very best ways to keep your sex life going strong, especially if you are in a long-term relationship with someone, is to always be honest with them about what you want in the bedroom. Make out like teenagers. Try getting some sexy new underwear for the bedroom. A woman always likes a man who takes charge, and most men like it when a woman dominates them once in a while. Have a movie night!

Ways to spice up sex for married couples

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  1. It may seem silly to think about, but that kind of need-you-now urgency can make your session seriously hot.

  2. This can be a great way to turn the heat up with things before they really get started. If sex has become a regularly scheduled event, you will need to work on changing that.

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