Ways to prolong sex

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At the same time, prolonged abstinence from sex is the reason for a sharp reduction in duration of sex; The period of excitement also influences duration of sex. Allow yourself to relax for a while until the sensation subsides. They are simple to use. With one hand on his stomach and the other on his heart, he should take deep breaths.

Ways to prolong sex

The position allows you to relax and keep your excitement under control and makes you last longer than usual. In this case, Dapoxetine reduces tension, eliminates psychological barriers and serves as an antidepressant. How to prolong ejaculation: Before eliminating the problem of premature ejaculation, it is necessary to understand what affects the processes in the male body. A similar effect can be obtained from the decoction of the blue cornflower. They will help you control yourself and come to the final not as quickly as usual: How to prolong ejaculation? They will help significantly strengthen the muscles, as a result, you can better control your body. Take a breath A man can focus on his breathing by lying on his back, with his knees bent and feet flat on the ground. In fact, duration of sexual intercourse which is demonstrated in such films occurs extremely rarely. Start to find the rhythm Next, the man should sit on the ground with his legs crossed, sort of like he's meditating. There are different methods of how to prolonging sexual act. The only drawback here is that for some men, masturbating before sex can actually kill their desire to have sexual intercourse at that moment or cause problems in getting a strong erection. This is again done as soon as you feel yourself about to ejaculate. However, there are various methods and tips that wll help answer the quaetion of how to stop premature ejaculation and increase duration of sexual intercourse. Allow yourself to relax for a while until the sensation subsides. Everyone can choose the most acceptable one. Premature ejaculation pills How to prolong sexual act with medicines? Sitemap How to Prolong Ejaculation? The only warning — before using premature ejaculation creams or sprays, you need to make sure you have no allergy to the components. The action of the drug lasts 12 hours. However, this drink has one more magic property. So, you take a longer time to reach an orgasm and finally ejaculate again. Thus, you can get a full pleasure from sexual intercourse. Many representatives of the stronger sex and their beautiful partners suffer from premature ejaculation. Once the feeling has passed, wait for around 30 seconds and then penetrate again. They are simple to use.

Ways to prolong sex

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  1. As things heat up, the man just needs to tune in to his breathing — which has already been established in the steps above — and this allows him to control his orgasm. Patients complain that they can not have sex as long as the heroes of porn movies.

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