Virgo and aquarius compatibility sexually

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Aquarius needs to be patient with the Virgo, to try communicating what they are thinking, and know Virgo will listen. But Virgo will try hard to pin you down and figure you out, because Virgo has been waiting for someone who is as fast of a thinker as them, and you stick out like a sore thumb. There are many other planets which can have an equal or greater effect on someone's personality. As a fixed sign, Aquarius is usually set in their ways and this can be difficult to handle for someone so willing to sacrifice their happiness, such as Virgo. Their communication might be tricky and the lack of compassion Aquarius suffers from will sometimes hurt Virgo, but they still have a great opportunity to combine their minds and form a universal intelligence capable of creating anything at all.

Virgo and aquarius compatibility sexually

However, it's their rational thinking that leaves not much room for emotions, which is why they should both be with someone who will bring more energy and emotions. You're both very intellectual and excellent communicators, and you'll always have something to say and debate about. Virgo will feel it can spread it wings more, it can open up its inner-weird, and can grow as a human. In their marriage, they both will have to forego their previous lifestyle and make a great deal of adjustment. If they both can accept their difference and embrace the drawbacks of each other, then they will find a middle path that will lead to blissful married life. The Earth sign Virgo can be overly critical, judgmental and paying too much attention on tiny details of minor issues in the relationship for the taste of the carefree Aquarius, who as an Air sign would rather have it easy than seriously. In exchange the fixed sign will have to give an inch and be willing to try new things. Make sure to be consistent and clear about your interests, Virgo. You enjoy concepts and ideas, while your partner is highly detail orientated, often with a fantastic memory. This kind of overthinking does not only kill the excitement in the bedroom, but it also makes it difficult for both to take initiative. This can make a great partnership of your practicality and your partner's imagination. That way, the dueling needs for novelty AND consistency will both be satisfied. If they rely on their good communication and have enough understanding for each other, their physical bond may be satisfying. A post shared by Jordan Clark jordanwclark on Nov 20, at 5: This causes timing issues. Corrupt your reserved Virgo a little! Your matchup leaves people scratching their heads in wonder. But, when they are dealing with their Aquarius partner, they should be very careful dealing with negativity. Let the social air sign plan the parties, playlists, decorations, menu and other creative flourishes. Compatibility is something that Aquarius and Virgo have to work on because as per the zodiac sign; they are not that compatible. Free-thinking Aquarius can give Virgo a broader and more open-minded perspective on major social and political issues; in turn practical, hard-working Virgo can help Aquarius to translate its non-conformist ideas into concrete reality. At first glance, matching the two fiercely independent minds of Aquarius and Virgo might seem to be a catastrophic idea. In a long-term relationship, the Aquarian's love of freedom and variety can sit uncomfortably with Virgo's carefully ordered schedule, while to carefree Aquarius, the Virgin's perfectionist streak can be a huge pain in the ass. Virgo is known for their iron will, and if they decide on something, then they will see it through until the end. Their communication should mostly be good and their topics similar. The problem with this relationship is that you both seem to be on different wavelengths, each believing that you know best.

Virgo and aquarius compatibility sexually

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