Tuross head

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There is also no wifi. There are also beacon sites for sending smoke signals and lookouts traditionally used to spot visitors and schools of fish. So the Camp House features lots of beautiful recycled hardwood timber that used to be joists and bearers from old homes and it's lined with lime washed plantation hoop pine. It provides a fine view down the coast to Potato Point which can be seen clearly on the next major headland. Because it's not really a house, like a normal house, and because there's a real "outside-inside" feel and because most people spend their time sitting on the kitchen deck or around the fire pit, it became known as the "Camp House".

Tuross head

Its simple, unhurried, peaceful and at nights we generally sit around the fire and talk or play music. The Norfolk pines in the town were planted by Hector McWilliam who was told they would not grow in the area. You MUST also be prepared to take away all your own garbage when you leave and make sure the place is clean and tidy for the next folks. They lived mainly on fish and crustaceans and kept warm in the winter months with possum skin coats. It takes about four minutes to get to Congo Beach by car. This is sort of seven star camping!! It is quiet, sleepy, idyllic and its sole appeal is to those who are thinking of retirement in paradise or a holiday beside the sea where fishing, swimming, kayaking and just lazing around are all you want to do. Very important to note here Surprisingly it has a couple of excellent cafes and restaurants. Although his brochures claimed it was "Canberra's best seaside resort" the subdivision was not successful. There is a diversity of local bushland to explore from coastal dunes to three protected sections of littoral rainforest. There is a local shopping centre, a golf and bowling club and a choice of cafes and restaurants. As far as 'value' is concerned, some have found it a tad expensive for just a couple while others with a party if six thinks it's great value. He established a fleet of ships which traded by entering the Tuross River at Tuross Head. If its raining and cold lying on the cosy couch in front of the little potbelly stove reading a book while listening to the rain on a tin roof is just wonderful anyway. Silcrete was widely traded throughout the region. The Camp House is checked generally after most visitors leave by a neighbour who keeps an eye on the place for me. It takes around 3 hours to walk. The town is, by any definition, very new. It's very much a bush experience and not for those expecting Hyatt style luxury. The outlook is pretty much just forest. It is also not known why the town does not take the plural form "Tuross Heads". It is approximately halfway between the townships of Moruya and Narooma , a few kilometres off the Princes Highway. A detailed description of the track, complete with an excellent map, is available at https: Vacation Rentals in Tuross Head Places to stay in Tuross Head Places to stay in Tuross Head Rustic, character filled, architect designed cabin with a master loft and two small bedrooms constructed largely from recycled building materials, located on 5 acres of forest close enough to the ocean you can hear it in the distance.

Tuross head

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  1. The Norfolk pines in the town were planted by Hector McWilliam who was told they would not grow in the area. I can definately recommend it anyone in the future.

  2. They lived mainly on fish and crustaceans and kept warm in the winter months with possum skin coats. There is the master loft with queen size bed upstairs which offers beautiful views of the forest and two small and cosy bedrooms downstairs two single beds and a double.

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