The principles of tantric sex

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A few simple techniques can help give the man as much control when making love as he wishes, allowing him to reach a climax just as his partner does. You are one with All…. Cultivating presence is actually a very simple process. We seek to expand into experiences of love and see what we can learn from them, as hearts are capable of immense healing. The eyes are said to be the windows to the soul, and for certain we receive many nonverbal communications from others through direct eye contact.

The principles of tantric sex

Everything in moderation—and that includes some excess in moderation. Scent is really important to our sensuality , so try natural oils like jasmine, ylang-ylang, or rose. Perhaps the article should begin with sound, to stress how vitally important this component is to the practices of most tantric seekers. And yet, great numbers of people are drawn to Tantra every year; many of them seeking only pleasure; many of them seeking enlightenment. Allow the energy to pass through the eyes, and not only through the genitals. If you do this exercise, you will probably discover that it strengthens you sexually, giving you the control to prolong and enjoy sacred sex as long as you want. The best guidance is always found within you in life and in the act of sacred sex. Allow these experiences to be vocally expressed as well. One thing most will agree upon is that Tantra is not only about sex. What if it did have a sound? A key principle of Tantra and one of the most effective ways to be in the present moment is breath and body awareness. Sex is more than a natural impulse—it is a deeply sacred act. Simply sit upright in a comfortable position and focus on your breath as you inhale and exhale through the nose. Living in the present Being present — in our bodies, in the moment — is key to a fully satisfactory life experience. Let the breath be complete. Actually, one reason we resist being present is to avoid our uncomfortable feelings. Do parts of it seem shameful or immoral? Central to most Eastern teachings about attainment of enlightenment are teachings about the breath. To put the attention on moving the energy out from the genitals so it passes through every cell. You are free to do whatever you wish. This is because in many ways pleasure is medicine. Opening the heart In Tantra we consciously seek to live from an open heart, for through the heart we are able to connect intimately with others, and also to ourselves. Sometimes, we experience unpleasant or disturbing physical sensations or emotions during sex. Use this time to fully focus on each other. The first technique is mental; the others are physical: By simply relaxing all of the muscles not required for a particular sexual act, the energy moves through the body more smoothly and easily. When deeply united with your partner, if the man moves more in a circular pattern than in a straight in-and-out pattern, the lovemaking will last much longer.

The principles of tantric sex

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  1. Could it be improved? There is nothing to reject in our sexual energy and our sexual relationships—there is beauty in each moment of our lives.

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