The nicest vagina

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Getty Even though her vagina has just been voted the most beautiful in the world, Nell, who describes herself as "a middle height, middle weight girl dressing in a sporty way," said her own body isn't perfect. Although her photo is less explicit than many of the other entries, her vulva is shaved and compact, resembling a smooth clamshell. The contest received , votes from a pool of 1.

The nicest vagina

It's "a marketing technique for a sex toy. That's absolutely more harming. Meanwhile, thanks to the widespread availability of Internet pornography, an increasing number of women feel self-conscious about their vulvas — and they're resorting to extreme measures to "fix" them. I believe that I am a person who tries to lead a life according to some basic ethics, so I wouldn't have done it if I honestly thought it was harming women generally," she said. But she attributes her victory not to the quality of her vulva, but to how her goods were packaged in the photo her boyfriend took, which depicts her vulva from behind. The Vagina Beauty Pageant was the brainchild of Brian Sloan, the inventor of the Autoblow2 , an oral sex simulator for men. Although her photo is less explicit than many of the other entries, her vulva is shaved and compact, resembling a smooth clamshell. It would be extremely boring if it were all the same. The data from the Vagina Beauty Pageant supports the idea that the " Barbie " has become the standard for beautiful vulvas in our culture. Who would win, and just what, exactly, would her flawless lady bits look like? We have an answer. Vagina Contest The search for the most beautiful vagina in the world: When asked if she thought the Vagina Beauty Pageant might have a negative impact on women who felt self-conscious about their vulvas to begin with, Nell dismissed the idea. The contest received , votes from a pool of 1. In fact, it looks less like an actual vulva than a lot of the other vulvas in the contest. It's mostly about the position, the lighting, the photograph," she told Mic. It's something that happens naturally to all of us, I think, both men and women. After the contest was announced, women submitted photos of their vaginas, which were ranked and voted on by , of the website's 1. While the Vagina Beauty Pageant is arguably little more than a publicity stunt for a sex toy manufacturer, critics of the contest have argued it's part of a long tradition of propagating unrealistic beauty standards for women. Sloan launched the search for the world's most aesthetically pleasing vulva as a way to find a model for a future iteration of the Autoblow 2, which would use a "vagina sleeve" to stimulate the user's penis rather than a rubber mouth. They are, to put it bluntly, conventionally attractive ladyparts. It's how you serve something. I never took it too seriously," she said. It's nothing less, it's nothing more. July 31, An earlier version of this article stated that the Vagina Beauty Pageant received votes from , unique visitors to the website.

The nicest vagina

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