The meaning of compromise

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As much as I'd like to place the blame with Plato, I suspect that the problem goes much deeper. She hears she is in town and invites her to dinner on Tuesday at 7pm. The following is an example of negative compromise: Both parties eventually agree to relocate headquarters, but to allow employees who are unable or unwilling to relocate to work remotely.

The meaning of compromise

Lori is secure in her appearance and comfortable with her weight. Sadly, too many religious groups confess creeds of contempt for those of other faiths, damning those who differ to hell. Every legitimate question has one and only one right answer. Boehner told her the Republicans were ready to govern, and she said, "Governing means compromising. That backward-looking meaning is always in play when people reject the word. But it hasn't become a Democratic battle cry. In reality, of course, we see values important and true values conflicting all the time. Maybe we are simply too arrogant and self-centered to believe that the questions we pose have lots of right answers instead of the ones we have come up with, that problems have lots of good solutions even if they cause us some other problems, and that the values we hold most precious may need to be balanced and compromised when they come into conflict with other competing values. And politicians understand that they have to shave a little off their convictions to get anything done — as Burke said, that's what it means to govern in a democracy. Every real problem has one and only one right solution. There is one thing that really bothers Jack about Diane, and that is her impulse buying and excessive shopping. As the song insists: In the example above, Jack is hoping that Diane will see the importance of buying a home, and will compromise by stopping her impulse buying in return. Do we value free speech? With the possible exception of Larry David on Curb Your Enthusiasm, nobody gets through a week without realizing they've compromised their principles. Unfortunately, Pamela has already made dinner plans on Tuesday and is unable to make it. Pragmatists have always assumed that great solutions surprise us when we listen to one another. Stanley is in charge of heading up negotiations in a business merger. Pragmatists have always assumed that no one has all of the right answers, and we are better, smarter and stronger by integrating our ideas. All right answers and right solutions are knowable if you use the right methods of discovery. Edmund Burke put it succinctly in in a famous speech calling on the British Parliament to conciliate with the American colonies. Sir Isaiah articulated these ideas in a variety of essays, but I will mention only two. We could run through the entire Constitution finding deeply held values that live in tension with other values. Polls show that Republican voters are far more resistant to compromise than Democrats are right now, and "no compromise" has become the rallying point for what has been dubbed the "Hell, No Caucus. Panicked, Lori starts a series of yo-yo diets that cause her weight to fluctuate dramatically. Frankly, when "the whole thing" we are tempted to call off is the experiment of this strange republic, which has always been committed to finding a way to hang together when we don't share identical views, I think the price tag on not compromising is way too high.

The meaning of compromise

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  1. Negative Compromise Not all compromise is positive. The living God who revealed himself by becoming human seems particularly resistant to being reduced to any fixed set of human values, however uncomfortable this makes us, and however hard our hard little creeds work to make God as small as we are.

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