Testicular pain after vasectomy during sex

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Post-vasectomy pain syndrome PVPS is widely known as either constant or intermittent testicular pain for greater than three months 4. At present, the syndrome is widely accepted as post-vasectomy pain syndrome PVPS. Management and treatment Management of PVPS can be frustrating for both the clinician and the patient. The physician should also determine if voiding, bowel movements, sexual or physical activities or prolonged sitting aggravate the pain.

Testicular pain after vasectomy during sex

Scrotal ultrasound may show engorgement or thickening of the epididymis. Occasionally, chronic pain may develop after the vasectomy, and be exacerbated by ejaculation. While relieving pain is vital, finding and handling the source of the pain is the focus of Dr. Abstract Vasectomy is the most effective form of sterilization for men. With each new doctor, I only felt worse about my predicament. Perhaps things have improved now. Revision surgery may be needed to remove scar tissue or inflamed tissue in cases where the original surgery resulted in damage to delicate tissues. Have you had one? If the original vasectomy was done too close to the epididymis it can cause chronic inflammation and pain. He is acknowledged as a world renowned vasectomy reversal and male infertility authority and as such understands complications resulting from vasectomy. An awful patient vasectomy experience can be life changing for men. The efferent ducts and seminiferous tubules of the testes are also impacted by backpressure, leading to an increase in area and thickness. All patients with chronic testicular pain should undergo scrotal ultrasound with Doppler color-flow. I write this letter only in small part to thank Dr. Patients are evaluated and treated as conservatively as possible initially. This article reviews the current understanding of post-vasectomy pain syndrome, theories behind its pathophysiology, evaluation pathways, and treatment options. My consultation with the doctor himself was a meeting with a human being who cared about my individual case, not the usual sit-down with a distant expert selling skills and procedures. Treatment should begin with the most noninvasive options and progress towards surgical management if symptoms persist. To isolate the scrotum as the origin for pain, a spermatic cord block may be performed. I should mention also that the top-notch facility where the work was performed, Specialty Surgical Center of Wilshire, employs a team of personnel that made me feel exceedingly well cared for, not solely for their professionalism, but also because of a disarmingly warm bedside manner which although unexpected was very much appreciated. In cases where post vasectomy pain occurs shortly after the procedure, the cause is usually infection and inflammation which can be treated with antibiotics and anti inflammatory steroids. One remedy is surgical removal of the epididymis if vasectomy reversal is not possible or desired. This can be a frustrating process for both the patient and clinician as there is no well-recognized diagnostic regimen or reliable effective treatment. Some sperm granulomas can be painful. PVPS naturally causes reluctance to engage in intercourse or other activities that will cause more pain. You can be helped While it must be stressed that these are fairly uncommon occurrences after vasectomy, they are frustrating and difficult to deal with for the patient, his partner and the physician. He had a good vasectomy experience.

Testicular pain after vasectomy during sex

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  1. With a detailed history and physical exam serially for several months following vasectomy, a diagnosis of PVPS can be safely made. Failing non-surgical treatment, repeating the vasectomy with wide excision of the severed ends, microdenervation of the spermatic cord, epididymectomy, vasectomy reversal or orchiectomy should be considered Figure 1.

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