Tantra cincinnati

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Some of my hobbies and interests are: This weekend coaching intensive is designed to help ignite romance and passionate intimacy in a long-term relationship gone stale or boost an already good sexual love life to an extraordinary one! You understand so well the infinite capacity of female sexuality.

Tantra cincinnati

The massage weaves in elements that form the foundation of Tantric practice: This course is for singles or couples. Other modifications to traditional Tantra include the introduction of emotional clearing, a Western therapeutic practice. I will teach you up to twenty different internal and external massage strokes for the Yoni including sacred-spot massage. She also stresses the importance of non-sexual intimacy, authentic emotional exchange and the breaking down of interpersonal boundaries. In Tantra, sex is not your undoing, it is a possible route to spiritual ecstasy. Participants are encouraged to uncover, confront and rid themselves of painful memories. But, to achieve that, you have to be totally present with your partner, totally connected with them. The seminar was conducted by Bodhi Avinasha, an international Tantra instructor and co-author of Jewel in the Lotus: A wonderful gift for your beloved. You will learn to awaken your beloved's passion, to heal her past traumas, to communicate love, and satisfy her to her core! Through the Practicum you can learn Cobra Breath, one of the most powerful techniques available for living in clear bliss. Jan is available to come to you in the privacy of your own home or vacation setting. So If you ever feel you need justification for an appointment with me Once true Tantra is achieved, it can actually be beneficial to your overall health. My chart is heavily Venus-ruled After attending the seminar some feel like they have come home, others are startled by the intensity of the experience and still others are scared, she said. Titillate your partner using your hands, fingers, lips, teeth, and tongue to stimulate secret electric points of love. Great Yogi, this teaching is surely a secret that can transport lovers to the realm of the gods! One of the reasons that I've have travelled the Tantra path, is that I am a Tantric person by nature. In a complete Tantra session you will learn the foundations of conscious loving together using Tantric ritual, breath, movement, and meditation, conscious communication techniques, and nurturing, awakening touch. Fill his Magic Wand with your love as you learn the art of male genital massage. A reading assignment of manageable length A writing assignment inviting you to clarify your thoughts and feelings about the ideas presented A daily practice, exploring powerful tantric techniques appropriate to that lesson The learning is based on experiential practices you do at home on your own schedule and adapted to your own style. The original Tantric scriptures list techniques. You will develop skills and awareness to become your partner's ultimate lover and healer. The effects of the Practicum can be intensified by personal coaching sessions with Jan either in person or over the phone.

Tantra cincinnati

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