Signs of disinterest in a relationship

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I understand that every relationship is different, and yes, some difficult situations can and should be worked on. The other sits there wondering the why and how of it all. Cheating is a sign of complacency at best, and a sign of complete disinterest at worst.

Signs of disinterest in a relationship

This is disrespect to the highest degree. If they cannot accept this fact, then it is you who needs to leave for sure because clearly, whether you leave or stay is of no such concern to them. They seem less concerned about your welfare When we truly care for someone else, we make it a priority to concern ourselves with their welfare. When we do not care, we are just hearing. They may not even bother speaking with you and rely predominantly on emails, text messages, and instant messenger. The other sits there wondering the why and how of it all. If they truly cared about you or your relationship, they would take the blame and not the other way around. There is absolutely no use losing yourself in the process of loving another; you may never regain yourself. But a careless partner makes you change yourself in so many ways, you feel exhausted. If they do choose to talk, it is always about themselves. But they still expect to be with you. Its roots lie deeper than such mediocre things. If the person you are with is cheating on you, or has cheated on you recently, there is no way they are interested in you or your relationship. They try to change you You stop feeling like yourself when you are with them. When there is no time for a partner and the excuse of being busy starts coming up frequently during the course of conversation, then this can definitely indicate sheer indifference due to lack of interest because no matter whatever happens, if two people truly love each other, they both will always find out some quality time with one another. Communication breaks down and they do not attempt to resolve it. Even if nothing has gone wrong, you will still get blamed. There is very less or rather no communication between the two people in the relationship as one is hardly interested in talking. When anyone of the partner is only around you for some personal interest and is ignoring at all other times, then this can also mean a sign of losing interest in the relationship. They are too busy to give you time Time, when once given, cannot be taken back. The person keeps on disregarding the values of his or her partner without being least considerate about the feelings and emotions of the person at the receiving end. What makes you happy would them happy. Devising ways of new things you both should do together to bring back life to your relationship; we both look so good together; it could work between us if he did that, if she said this and the list goes on. Seems like you had a blindfold on; for they never do, just blame you for everything without clearing things first. They disappear for periods of time.

Signs of disinterest in a relationship

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