Sexy nicknames for your boyfriend

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My King — the one who rules your heart, mind, and soul. This one is self-explanatory; for the sweetest person ever. My angel — one whom you love deeply. Perfect name for your regular cuddle buddy.

Sexy nicknames for your boyfriend

This one is for the red heads out there. Bun Buns — Hot and sexy nickname for boys with tight buttocks. If she rules your heart, Duchess or Queen would work. King works in private and in public. A reference to the Greek warriors. It's okay to say, "I love that you want to give me a nickname, but I just don't really like that one. Other women hate it. A dirty nickname for someone that lights up your bed. A hot and sexy name for an energetic guy. Again, Bunny can be modified in so many ways. If your guy is in control in the bedroom, use this nickname. Tootsie — wonderfully comic; one who makes you laugh. Perfect — one whom you would not want to change for the whole world. A hot and sexy name to call a confident guy. Muffin — lovable, cuddly sweetheart. Strawberry — one who is very seductive, sensual, sexy. This nickname is a bit silly, and it may not always work if you are around family members. A perfect name for your sweetheart. Panda — lovable, cuddly and intelligent. Genie — a good name to call the man of your dreams. Sugar dumpling — sweet and delicious in every possible way. This is a sweet nickname to use. This nickname is similar to the Cowboy and Saddle nicknames. If you are dating your hero, use this nickname. Mookie — one who melts in front the one who he loves. Amore — means love in Italian; my love, my lover, my sweetheart.

Sexy nicknames for your boyfriend

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  1. Only you know if your guy or girl would enjoy exchanging sexy nicknames. Cuddle can basically be modified with anything.

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