Sex knowledge and premarital sex behavior

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Sathe AG, Sathe S. In a behavioral surveillance survey performed in Maharashtra in , among years unmarried youth of Slums, the findings were: The majority Individual items reflecting childhood sex play, masturbation, current religiosity, religiosity while growing up, social class, sources of sex information, sex education in classrooms, and high school and college dating were used. The youth had poor sexual knowledge; there was positive relationship between sexual knowledge and attitudes.

Sex knowledge and premarital sex behavior

Under the effects of western acculturation in our country, the rate of premarital sex indulgence by young people is on an increasing trend. This could be because discussing sexual matters openly is a taboo and parents or family members are often hesitant in initiating or discussing about it, youth choose to discuss with friends. The participants showed liberal attitude toward sexuality, this could be because of the participants' education level [7] as well as the urban background. The suggestion that penetrative sexual activity may be preceded by periods of nonpenetrative experience offers a window of opportunity for counselling and safe sex messages. There is no funding or support. The study tools were administered in group format after the informed obtaining consent from the participants. Because few female workers were from the west of China, we endeavored to recruit female higher proportion from the west. A multistage sampling technique was used to select the study participants. This result is in accordance with the study done by M'Imaita, [22] who found that information accessed through the media by adolescents included pornographic pictures and text, dressing and fashion, sex styles and contraceptive use. In a behavioral surveillance survey performed in Maharashtra in , among years unmarried youth of Slums, the findings were: Cronbach's alpha was used to find out the internal consistency of the Sexual Behavior and Sources of Influence scale. The tool was assessed for suitability, language, content and domains. The age of sexual debut is also decreasing as low as years. Description of Tools Sociodemographic data sheet was used to collect details such as age, gender, education, occupation and socioeconomic status. Jeejibhoy and Sebastien 16 found growing evidences of premarital onset of sexual activity, particularly among young males from urban areas. A study from India. The original question for attitude about premarital pregnancy was "how do you think about having a premarital pregnancy? This study presents several issues reflecting these concerns which have been the subject of much speculation but which have received little attention by researchers. Unmarried migrant youths are even more vulnerable to having premarital sexual intercourse. The mean for not interested in sexual behaviors was 5. More knowledge about sex is associated with liberal attitude toward sex. The scale was later given to five mental health professionals with more than 5 years experience for establishing face validity. Jejeebhoy J, Sebastian MP. All of them were from middle and upper middle class socioeconomic status. Although young people's knowledge and awareness about sexual and reproductive health is increasing, much of this knowledge remains superficial and ridden with myths, misperceptions and a sense of invulnerability.

Sex knowledge and premarital sex behavior

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