Sex and sufferingin the afternoon

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Actors move ceaselessly—with the equipment and with their colleagues — so syllables are few and speeches short and clear. Doug has entered an artificial insemination program so that his child by Julie's mother may have a playmate. Soon after, Jacquie was dumped too.

Sex and sufferingin the afternoon

At a hint of disapproval from the audience, the snappiest soap plot can collapse. There is also a trend to give the soaps more time for their vicissitudes. Psychiatrist Robert Coles, who frequently watches the soaps with the blue-collar and poor families who are the subjects of his studies, thinks they have a philosophic impact. But a Madison Avenue philosopher, selling sex and suffering in the afternoon, remarks: All My Children recently took six months to describe a child-abuse case; How to Survive a Marriage now defunct introduced a precedent-setting seduction scene that ended up with the participants in bed discussing impotence and frigidity. Bob's son Tom is married to the scheming Natalie, whom he defended in court. Sex and Suffering in the Afternoon Monday, Jan. Actors frequently call each other by their real names on-camera or get so confused by stage blocking that they walk through fake walls. Bold analysts of the genre like to call soaps "the people's Iliad" a reference to the gloomy outcome of every story. The dialogue must be virtually flub-proof. Critic Renata Adler, who became addicted to Another World six years ago while ill with laryngitis, explains their loyalty: Constructing a week's shows requires the concentration of a Bobby Fischer. Thus many characters slur their speech, which suggests a speech impediment or drunkenness. Days' cast expected him to say: But now I'm proud of my work; some of the best acting, best moments are in this medium. When Agnes Nixon, who created a campus favorite, All My Children, asked a group of Duke University students why they watched the soaps, a young man replied: The strongest, in fact the only motivation is love, and the dynamic is fate. Like the soaps, it is a dense family drama, but there the resemblance ends. How more dramatically than to put her on center stage? Mother Mary and Lilith. Then he went upstairs to bed. What is life all about? Mostly the stories are breathless accounts of stars' offscreen habits and romances. A few years ago, CBS was obliged to eliminate soap opera characters who were poor because the network was receiving piles of CARE packages. Moral principles are enunciated only when they are about to be discarded. It is an axiom among writers that leading characters' personalities change every two years —that is to say, under their same name.

Sex and sufferingin the afternoon

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