Santacon philly

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The Perfect Start To The Holiday Season Picture thousands of Santa's and inebriated elves running wild through the streets of Philadelphia and gaining access to some of the best bars you can imagine - that's exactly what you'll see on Saturday December 8th in Philadelphia. When is SantaCon , and what time does it start? Help Those in Need Participants are invited to bring new toys or donations to help a child in need this holiday season.

Santacon philly

You'll find a complete list of all the clubs and bars participating in SantaCon on the official SantaCon website here. A post shared by Santa santaconnyc on Dec 9, at 7: SantaCon is an unofficial gathering of people dressed up like Santa, naturally. And you can unsubscribe anytime. At your registration location, you will receive the SantaCon Crawl wristband and SantaCon Crawl official guide map which will also get you free or reduced admission to numerous venues all throughout the day and night. Think that means it happens in the evening? Throw on your red Santa hat and get in the spirit to enjoy everything that Philadelphia has to offer with the annual SantaCon Crawl event. Unlimited Santas A SantaCon event is one you need to be a part of to believe. Get your Santa gear out of your closet and enjoy the festivities. Join in on this annual charity event for the local community and partake in the towns best drink specials. Just five, and they all read the same way: In past years, bars have posted simple — and sometimes hostile signs — to keep revelers away, like the one below. The starting point for SantaCon has been announced and is included below along with the SantaCon route. Just be sure to get your tickets for the SantaCon Crawl while you still can, this is one event that will definitely be selling out soon! Discounts on Everything Buy Your Ticket today to ensure the best drink specials and free or reduced admission into all participating venues. Anything else I need for SantaCon ? The official group has warned that other places have claimed to be selling tickets to the event. No worries, Santa never sends spam mail. The official SantaCon route will be rolling out in the days leading up to the event. The group shared a photo to their Instagram account of all the bars participating through the GeoSwap app last year, seen below: They go on a bar crawl. Santa has finally shared what he's been planning for SantaCon If you were looking for a SantaCon event then this is the one you don't want to miss. Infamous as the most fun event of holiday season, SantaCon is taking over Philadelphia. The fastest way to hear about them is to get updates directly from the group holding it. When is SantaCon , and what time does it start? You'll then proceed through the SantaCon route, and you can see a map of that below:

Santacon philly

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