Safest way to have unprotected sex

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If you need extra lubricant, use only water-based lubricants. Condoms and safe sex Condoms offer the best available protection against STIs by acting as a physical barrier to prevent the exchange of semen, vaginal fluids or blood between partners. However, condoms do offer the best available protection when used correctly. Be aware that drugs and alcohol may affect your ability to make good decisions.

Safest way to have unprotected sex

Don't think that it's OK to rub an unprotected penis around the outside of a vagina - It's still possible for some sperm to get inside. Rashes or sores around the genitals or anus If you are experiencing these sorts of symptoms you should get yourself checked for STIs, or talk to your GP. Safe sexual activities Sexual contact that carries a low risk of STI transmission includes: Don't think pulling out before ejaculation can prevent pregnancy - Treat a penis like a loaded gun Be aware that drugs and alcohol may affect your ability to make good decisions. Always use a new, lubricated condom every time you have sex. Don't have sex without a condom - If you do you will not only stand a good chance of getting pregnant you will also be at risk of catching a nasty sexually transmitted infection! There are two types of emergency contraception: They may not be the result of a sexually transmitted infection, but could indicate other health issues. Points to keep in mind include: If used correctly, condoms can dramatically reduce the risk of most sexually transmissible infections STIs and unintended pregnancy. Don't have sex if you think all this is too much to remember! Other lubricants can damage the condom. Women with chlamydia or gonorrhoea that is left untreated can develop pelvic inflammatory disease, a condition that can lead to chronic pain, miscarriage and infertility. Don't have unprotected sex during your period - A lot of people think that whilst you are on your period you can't get pregnant A condom may break, particularly if it has not been stored properly or the right lubricant has not been used. Sadly, this is not the case! Avoid sharing toys and always wash them after use to reduce the risks. Check the use-by date and open the packet, being careful not to tear the condom with fingernails, jewellery or teeth. You should use other barrier methods — for example, condoms on vibrators and other penetrative sex toys, a latex glove for digital penetration of the vagina or anus, and a dental dam a sheet of latex worn over the female genitals during oral sex. If you need extra lubricant, use only water-based lubricants. If this happens, you must use condoms and the pill for the rest of the pill cycle. Be STI free by getting tested for common infections and having treatment if necessary, especially if you have a new partner. Communicate with your sexual partner about what you want and enjoy sexually. Unprotected sex is nearly always associated with the risk of pregnancy. An emergency coil can be fitted for free at sexual health clinics, or at certain GP surgeries.

Safest way to have unprotected sex

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  2. Don't miss a daily contraceptive pill - It is advisable to use condoms and the pill together.

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