Robot chicken girl pays with sex

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Nothing wrong with that structure, in fact the show's short attention span and a mercifully short minute running time afforded by The Cartoon Network go a long way to make the show work as well as it possibly can. The next one the host claims is "The greatest blooper of all time! The [adult swim] logo was replaced with "[meow meow]".

Robot chicken girl pays with sex

Some of these bumpers were narrated by a lifeguard who spoke through a megaphone. Martin Croker , who died on September 17, , the network paid tribute to him by playing the first Coast to Coast episode in his memory the following night, with two bumpers also made in tribute. Adult Swim has an annual tradition of celebrating April Fools' Day by tricking and fooling their audience by altering programs or airing different and obscure programs. Green has apparently learned well from McFarlane and his mimic ability to know how short to cut a bit as well as a bleeped-out obscenity from an unlikely character lend the show its best laughs. Sign in to vote. Adult Swim still airs the traditional black and white bumpers and advisory bumpers from On October 2, , Adult Swim regained the 10 p. Players were told that they were trying to rescue a stolen AI named Delilah. Those random flashbacks, once so fresh and original on Seth MacFarlane's "Family Guy", get milked of all their initial charm by "Robot". Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law was the winner and the pilot was screened. This new account informed everyone that they were searching for their missing sister named Amelia. At this point, Adult Swim stopped airing on Thursday nights. He sees they have an honor student at Fancher Elementary. The short Scavengers finished off the block at 5: During the marathon, bumps were included between episodes showing outtakes and commentary from the writers and staff. Adult Swim played tribute to him again in , this time also airing clips from Cartoon Planet. We regret that they were mistakenly thought to pose any danger. At one point, the subtitles shown on screen were actually for an Aqua Teen Hunger Force episode. Then some bloopers from sporting events are shown, including mascots beating up players, a pole vaulter being impaled by his pole, and people being thrown off stands, accompanied by music resembling John Fogerty 's baseball-themed song, "Centerfield". Most notably he would shout "All kids out of the pool". All of the bumps contained videos and images of cats, while the episodes of the live action shows aired that night had cat faces covering up the faces of the actors. Stardust Crusaders , Hunter x Hunter , Naruto: Cobra Commander is annoyed by a mini-van in front of them. Over the chaos, either the pilot or the co-pilot can be heard saying "stop hitting yourself" over and over. Sedelmaier , [40] Watering Hole, a series of shorts about animals talking in a bar created by Soup2Nuts , [41] s Hanna-Barbera action cartoons dubbed with the voices of children, [42] a series of shorts called Not for Air that had the speech of Hanna-Barbera characters bleeped to make it seem like the characters were swearing, [43] The New Adventures of The Wonder Twins , [44] What They're Really Thinking, which had a voice narrate a character's thoughts in a comedic way, and Brak Puppet Party, a puppet show featuring classic Hanna-Barbera characters. An idea that simply making a reference to William Shatner is funny? Immature Pilots An airplane is entering turbulence and the captain lets everyone know it's okay.

Robot chicken girl pays with sex

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  1. The sketch, and the show, ends with the host overdosing on alcohol and prescription drugs. A man proposes to his girlfriend, who then sneezes onto him.

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