Questions to ask your ex boyfriend

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They can be sarcastic: Why did we break up? Did he find your time together important? Is your ex a serial dater? We had lunch there and the pepperoni and cheese was fantastic!

Questions to ask your ex boyfriend

Ask your ex the following question: What makes her different? Once you reach the restaurant, you order lobster tail. Remember his interests and then ask about new developments. It could be nerve-wrecking to just go up to your former flame and start a conversation like nothing happened before. Don't beat around the bush and just ask the question: Do you miss the relationship? Has he moved on? Ask the question and find out. What did you ex think of your friends? What is your ex doing now? Do you regret how things turned out? What was the first thing you noticed about me? What was your ex doing when you weren't together? So if you are on good terms with your ex, why not send them a message and ask them to take the ex-boyfriend tag. Ask and find out what he misses the most. How is your ex handling the break-up? Yes, keep him talking. One of the most important questions you can ask your ex is: Is there still a chance you could get back with your ex? By now, you guys have set a precedent. Did he think you were going to make a scene if you weren't in public? Was it his idea or someone else's? Will you take me back? Or is it better to chalk this one up as a loss and move on? Did you cling too much to your ex?

Questions to ask your ex boyfriend

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