Pregnant women has anal sex

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When indulging in anal sex, the chances of contracting the sexually transmitted disease is also high. So, unless you are certain that you are in a monogamous relationship and know that you and your partner are HIV negative, you should avoid anal sex. But if you are just beginning to indulge in anal sex as you want to be more adventurous, it is always better to postpone it till you deliver your baby before trying anything new. It is still considered oral sex even if ejaculation or orgasm does not occur. This is more likely with anal sex because the vaginal opening is so close to the anus.

Pregnant women has anal sex

However, couples who desire to have anal sex while they are pregnant have a lot of questions and doubts. Otherwise, the chances of infections like urinary tract infection UTI and bacterial vaginosis increases and it can harm you and the unborn baby. Similarly with oral sex, if the person performing the act has any cuts or sores in his or her mouth it makes it easier to transmit or contract an STD since the protective barrier is broken. Then you can weigh the risks and decide on your sexual boundaries. Anal sex increases the risks of contracting sexually transmitted diseases and can affect the pregnant woman and her baby. Yes, you can still contract or transmit STDs through anal and oral sex. When indulging in anal sex, the chances of contracting the sexually transmitted disease is also high. It is recommended to avoid the usage of these creams during pregnancy as the pain is a sign of things going wrong. This can increase the risk of certain rectum-related health issues. Here are some of the circumstances during which anal sex should be avoided completely: The anus has certain bacteria which can be harmful if it gets into the vagina. Anus has no natural lubrication so when you indulge in anal sex it increases the risk of pain or tearing. Hemorrhoids are common and tend to become larger during pregnancy. Certain infections can specifically affect the mouth, lips, or throat when it is contracted through oral sex, like herpes HSV-1 , chlamydia, and gonorrhea. There are several numbing creams available in the market that prevent pain and make the anal sex more enjoyable for expecting mothers. Have a safe and healthy pregnancy! Any trauma to the placenta can cause bleeding and put pregnancy at risk Hemorrhoids: Therefore, after anal sex, if you want to continue to have vaginal sex, make sure that your partner cleans himself well. Many couples consider indulging in anal sex during pregnancy when vaginal sex becomes difficult due to the growing belly during later stages of pregnancy. Especially for couples that participate in vaginal after anal intercourse or oral-anal play. There are other serious risks associated especially with anal sex, particularly during pregnancy. Are either safe during pregnancy? What are the risks involved with having anal or oral sex? So if any of you are suffering from STD, it is easier to transmit it to the other partner when having anal sex. This means that transmitting or contracting an STD is more likely from anal sex than with vaginal or oral sex.

Pregnant women has anal sex

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