My little pony tarot cards

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I wanted to say that Equestria is not for ponies only. If you visit my Deviatart site and see the card image, you will find that there is a sentence written in Korean under it. What about the one you liked least? This story is not an official history, but if you like conspiracy theories, you can enjoy new fun by reading the enclosed guidebooklet.

My little pony tarot cards

So it was similar to the style of the TV show, but I added artistry by painting a little more antique. Your utmost potential is connected to you -- the stories you tell about yourself and the stories you let others tell. These clue you in to which pony you are! What pony are you? The Eight of Swords: I think, then, that The Queen of Wands here says that my belief that each individual must live up to their own potential is what inspires me. Next time I'm doing a little schedule restructuring. This queen also represents fire, passion, and enterprise. In the booklet, the Korean Description will be supplemented and translated with the image. This card has turned up time and again for me -- to me, it represents a scarcity mindset, where you believe you do not have enough money or resources and that clouds all your decisions and how you see yourself and others. I enjoy working with others. The day I did this reading, I found out the car I share with my husband requires a big but thankfully not gigantic repair bill. Fitting that this card is a cup turned over, isn't it? Please comment Is there one card or card position that you felt a strong fondness for? Read more at Equestrian Daily. About Everfree Tarot is designed to satisfy both fans of traditional TV shows and tarot card collectors. Thanks for the read. Remember that generosity relies on the interaction of others. Don't live in regret. It is essential for those who use this card for psychic purposes. Magic means nothing if you don't give it a space of honor in your daily life. That which you like the least represents what you most need to work on at this time in your life. Her poetry has appeared in articles on SpiralNature. I wanted to say that Equestria is not for ponies only. There are many tribes living in this land, each with its own story.

My little pony tarot cards

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