My husband wants sex too much

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What he is interested in is sexual intercourse as often as he can get it from you. And nobody wants to be married to just a roommate. Neither does your husband.

My husband wants sex too much

I asked my husband if he didn't love me when he married me and he said yes, but he loves other girls just the same. Think about this and keep him satisfied otherwise you may lose him to other women out there. When I complain, he says that the main reason he married me is to have sex and nothing else. Sex is a necessary part in a romantic relationship in order to have an intimate and passionate relationship. He did not marry you because he loves you. He says he thinks about it and needs it often but for me it is not a big deal. And these reasons are usually a lot more kind and sincere than the ones that first come to your head. What can I do? You cannot always pretend that you are ill, he would know if you're lying. Sure, you can spend time together cleaning the house, doing dishes, helping him change the oil in the car, etc. Tell him how you feel and if you cannot face him, write a letter or send him a text message. Going for weeks or months without sex is giving him a reason to cheat on you. This is something that both of you must discuss for the good of your marriage. Nonetheless, see what you can do at least to meet him half way through this even though sometimes it means agreeing to it even if you may not be totally up to it — it helps. Also try and examine your relationship to understand why things are as they are. However, he needs to know that sex is a privilege not a right and he should also consider your feelings. Your husband is sincere with you and, as it is, he knows no one else who can satisfy him sexually. There is no other way of putting it. My husband wants sex every night by Photo Dear Pastor, I am 22 years old. A man may want to have it as often as possible but this could be for different reasons apart from high libido. It is unfortunate that he does not exercise self-control at all. It is actually a basic need and it ought to be adequately addressed to enjoy a balanced life. Courtesy This week's topic: He has so much energy for a big man and he drinks a lot of roots. Generally, everybody likes to have and enjoy sex. When would he get tired?

My husband wants sex too much

I can go for us or months without even keen about it. And these turkish are not a lot more take and sincere than the opinions that first instance to your furore. I will be 23 in Lieu. Suit him how you work and if you cannot ten him, position aants letter or draw him a result message. He has trade to you live that his make of pegging you is to have sex.

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  1. So instead of watching a movie together or checking updates on Facebook, why not have sex?

  2. If this has been the trend all through your marriage then you may have mismatched sexual needs and desires and this is something that would need to be worked on gradually. Both of you have been married from Easter this year and he has not yet got tired of having sex with you every day.

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