Muscular blonde guy

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Even so, Muscular does have ideals of his own. Despite his ego, Muscular does compliment Izuku's strengths. He inserts his "series eye" and covers his body in muscle fibers before attacking.

Muscular blonde guy

A team of heroes named Water Hose fought to protect them and sacrificed themselves. He and the rest of his team serve as the main antagonists of the Forest Training Camp Arc. Contents [ show ] Appearance Muscular is a large, bulky and muscular man with short, spiky blonde hair. Muscular compliments Izuku's speed, but notes his strength isn't enough to hurt him. Muscular survives the attack by amassing shield of muscle, but his prosthetic eye and tank top are destroyed. While the team waits in a warehouse to be dispatched on their first mission, Muscular mentions that they need to hurry because he's ready to fight. Muscular killed them both, but at the cost of his left eye. Muscular shocked to feel Izuku pushing back against his crushing attack, frantically wondering how the youth is getting stronger. Izuku holds his ground, however, and Muscular compliments him on his impressive feat. History Two years prior to the Vanguard Action Squad Invasion , Muscular attacked a village and tried to kill civilians. Temporarily distracted from his struggle with Izuku, Muscular tells Kota to wait his turn, promising him that he is next. He notes that he was looking for a nice view and is surprised to find someone outside of the list Tomura gave the team. Muscular enjoys killing and tormenting those he fights, often saying "show me your blood! Muscular toys with Izuku. Underneath the cloak, he wears a red tank top, a dark jacket which hangs around his waist, dark-colored pants, and black boots that almost reach his knees. Izuku drops Kota after dodging and resolves to face Muscular on his own. Before injuring Izuku too greatly, Muscular inquires about Katsuki's location because the team still has a mission to complete. Muscular was shown to have a frightening level of impermeability to physical harm. Kota asks the villain if he tortured his parents like he is doing with Izuku before he killed them. Muscular calls himself superior to Izuku and strikes him down before mocking his desires to become a hero. Gallery Muscular in the past, before losing his left eye. Conversely, he accepts the loss of his left eye as the result of Water Hose's intent and bears them no ill will for it. He explains that his quirk increases his speed and strength so exponentially that his muscle fibers can't be contained by his skin. Muscular strikes at his terrified victim with his quirk-enhanced arm, only to miss due to the timely intervention of Izuku Midoriya. He believes the real tragedy was Water Hose failing to do what they said they would do, and says that's why they died.

Muscular blonde guy

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  1. Muscular easily pushes the youth back, taunting him about that attack being weaker than his previous attempt.

  2. He notes that he was looking for a nice view and is surprised to find someone outside of the list Tomura gave the team.

  3. Muscle Augmentation allows him to augment the muscle fibers that are beneath the skin, increasing the power and speed of his movements.

  4. Izuku demands to know why the League of Villains is attacking them, but Muscular states he doesn't care about any of that.

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