Men think about sex how often

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View image of Thinkstock Credit: Get the details on everything from sexting to how often people are getting it on—and everything in between. We need to be approached differently.

Men think about sex how often

The interesting thing about the study was the large variation in number of thoughts. Or approximately 7, times during each waking day. Imagine them walking away from the psychology department, holding the clicker in their hand, trying hard not to think about sex all the time, yet also trying hard to remember to press the clicker every time they did think about it. Or some combination of both. Probably it varies wildly between people, and within the same person depending on their circumstances, and this is further confounded by the fact that any efforts to measure the number of someone's thoughts risks changing those thoughts. By Tom Stafford 18 June We've all been told that men think about you-know-what far too often — every seven seconds, by some accounts. There were other thoughts that seemed to be on the minds of men more than women. In contrast, very few of us have sex three times a day seven days a week. In fact, sex only became a predominant thought towards the end of the day around midnight , and even then it was firmly in second place, behind sleep. But then again the average ejaculate contains around million sperm, which seems even more excessive. Once you start thinking about something, trying to forget it just brings it back to mind. Professor Fisher accepted that this is an imperfect method but better, she argued, than asking somebody how often they had thought about sex in the past hour, day, or week. In addition to sex, men thought about food and sleep with equal frequency. Thoughts aren't like distances we can measure in centimetres, metres and kilometres. But times, roughly once every two minutes, is good going. Yet we rightly expect that men be purposeful about developing new habits of showing love. The real shock from Hoffman's study is the relative unimportance of sex in the participants' thoughts. People said they thought more about food, sleep, personal hygiene, social contact, time off, and until about 5pm coffee. She conducted a study with her students— women and men aged 18 to I perhaps give myself away when I marvel at the young man who had only one sexual thought in a day: As most of us eat three meals a day seven days a week it would be very hard to avoid thinking about food unless you could prepare and eat it without thinking about it. We rightly expect them to learn how to do that, and do it enthusiastically rather than under compulsion , because it is so emotionally important to us as women. The results aren't directly comparable to the Fisher study, as the most anyone could record thinking about sex was seven times a day. We women think of sex as being primarily a physical need for a man: But have you ever been curious about what other people are doing to keep things fun and exciting? Want to learn more about how men think, feel, and process the world around them? Plenty of things to think about!

Men think about sex how often

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