Maximizing pleasure during oral sex

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Champagne — There is something intensely sexy about champagne, especially when you use it during a BJ. The literal translation of tai chi is supreme ultimate, whereas kung fu translates as skilled achievement. House says, "Keep the environment sexy and relaxed, have a willing mouth and make sure she is calm, physically and emotionally. As such, sex provides efficiently for male orgasm, and inefficiently for female orgasm.

Maximizing pleasure during oral sex

If you think back to the ice-cream example, it may help you remember: If you're worried about seamlessly switching positions — both with intercourse and oral — take a breather. Anilingus — There are two other excellent locations besides his penis and balls that can massively add to his pleasure and make him see you as an oral sex goddess even if they are not strictly part of a regular BJ. Just think — going down on you comes with an even bigger potential mess, so it's only fair that you return the favor. A woman's mount, meanwhile, is the center of the pubic bone, where there is a slight cradle into which your mount naturally fits. Instead of circling your tongue to find her sweet spot or mindlessly fingering her until she pushes you on her to begin sex, try something new: One way to really tease her is to take the tongue and softly lick in the inside of her upper lip, almost like you would be giving her oral sex," Michael says. The next time you and your man have some alone time, try slipping into some lingerie and popping open a bottle of champagne. Face down rear entry is another effective position, in which a woman lays flat face-down on the bed, while he enters her from behind, again experimenting with depth and angle of penetration. Or if you're not comfortable getting into that conversation just yet, take it from these real women, who revealed what they really really, really, oh-my-god, really like about oral sex — and the expert who spoke about why these things are such a turn-on for women: That's why when it comes to pleasuring women and conversing in the language of love, oral sex should be every man's native tongue. His perineum or perineal raphe, the rough patch of skin located just behind his balls as well as his anus contain a lot of nerve endings [ 3 ]. There are a number of different techniques you can use to pleasure the tip of his penis. Use Delicate Fingertips House also says that while fingers are important — pounding away won't do anyone good. That being said, going back and forth between different levels of intensity, also known as "edging" , can produce a more intense orgasm. Give Him A Hand Using your hands is a powerful blow job technique while giving your man oral sex. Perfect if you can stand how he tastes. Wetter Is Better So try to produce as much saliva as possible. If a woman thinks that you are not into it, she is not going to be into it. Next, when performing oral sex, you should try your best to be relaxed. What else can you do down there? While using a simple technique like the Suck On This technique I described in Chapter 2 , you can also run your hand up and down his shaft at the same time, giving him a handjob. More on this here. Make sure you express how much you care about him or her and that you are happy with your sex life, but are simply curious about trying out some new positions. If you're only giving her one at a time, it's like if she only played with one ball: If a man has not had a shave in over 8 hours, his razor stubble could approximate the grain of grit sandpaper, which is pretty abrasive. Licking his cock is super easy.

Maximizing pleasure during oral sex

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