Mall scavenger hunt clues

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Picture This — To add an additional element, make this a photo scavenger hunt. The questions could be anything from clues to information about the mall. Choose one of the above options, but teams then have to find the store in the mall and take a photo of themselves outside it.

Mall scavenger hunt clues

Thank you for making my hunt extra special. We advise you to go a couple of days prior to the event and ask for official permission to conduct the scavenger hunt. Mall Scavenger Hunt Ideas to Get You Re-energized and Lively When all the town's partying around in the same old boring way, you can make your special day a fun filled event for your friends. These riddles are perfect for using with people of any age, so this can be a great scavenger hunt for kids, youth groups, birthday parties or even with a group of adults. You can even speak to a few sales representatives to help you with your preparation. Bring back anything with this shop's logo on it. You can indulge in clothes, accessories and cosmetics all day long. These acts can include: It's not all that tough you just got to ask them to gather things that would be discarded by the store at some point of time. You might think you'd have to be in jungle to find one of these but see if you can get the cashier to pose for a photo in your team's pick of shady wear at this shop. Arm each team with a digital camera and ask them to get pictures of the items mentioned in the list. The clues you sent are perfect! One By One — Give each team the first riddle. It can therefore be played with just one kid, pairs, small groups of players or just one large group. Bring back an advertising flyer from this shop. They have to work out the answer before they can be given the next clue. Bring back a sample from this scrambled two word location An item from an incorrect store should be disqualified. You may think this relative is a little twisted, but get a photo of your team outside of her shop anyway. Besides, a trip to the mall will help you jot down a few things that you can enlist as tasks. I am having my scavenger hunt tonite. You don't need a key to walk into this shop. This huge shop is best know for a little coin. Bring back a sales flyer from this store who's name rhymes with another name for pool. Well, we suggest you include a set of questions that they will have to ask around at the mall.

Mall scavenger hunt clues

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  1. Just pack in a list of tasks to be completed within a certain amount of time for each of your guests to perform. Bring back anything with this shop's logo on it.

  2. You might think this company is preying on you, but try and get a photo of a team member in its shop snuggled up to a mannequin wearing something with the company logo on it.

  3. Bring back a bag or any other item with this company's logo on it. Check new design of our homepage!

  4. Bring back a business card or a price list from a location where a leading lady might go to get pampered.

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