Making orgonite

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Reich later called it the Orgone Energy. For the tower busters you can use any rough pieces without terminations points. It radiates from all living and non-living things and flows through all and everything. A peacefull environment — your intentions are imparted into whatever you make so makes sure you are calm, relaxed and happy!

Making orgonite

Spray your molds with a light coating of oil. They had given it different names. How does this work? If you use spray cooking oil or workshop lubricant - these are fine. I use water clear casting resin in my orgonite, which is more expensive, but you can also use regular resin which will turn yellow-brownish when it cures. See the amazing photos of orgonite proof in the orgonite experiments section of this guide. Ice cube trays are ideal for small items such as phone protector buttons. Protective goggles are a good idea sunglasses work fine. Finding out the best places to source all of the required items takes time and can be quite a task initially! Try not to get any oil on the marble because you want it to stick to the resin. The best way, if you are making both devices, is to get set up to make them at the same session and over-estimate slightly. Reich later called it the Orgone Energy. Finally, science has caught up with the wisdom of the shamans and have concluded that everything that we perceive as solid is actually vibrating energy. Your local machine shops are a good source - offer to sweep some up for them and you will probably get them for free. He successfully used it for healing and weather manipulation, at the same time proving it is not a metaphorical or hypothetical force. You can find all my orgonite pieces in my Etsy shop. First, put the metal in the moulds. Holy Hand Grenade Layer up your metal s and push the crystal into the center with the point facing towards the marble. It does cost more though! Aluminium chips — whaleorgone. I started up Orgonise Yourself in , taking a leap of faith after losing my job. Work out how much resin you are going to need. The activator is not something you want to get in your eyes - neither is the resin, come to that If you plan to work inside then you should think about a mask. We have always used tumble stones in our Towerbusters for gifting purposes due to them being cheaper and more widely available than points. Enjoy the care and joy that went into the production of each one.

Making orgonite

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  1. You will also need gloves I use regular rubber gloves — the kind you wash dishes with.

  2. Tower Busters Put metal into the muffin molds and level off. Spray your molds with a light coating of oil.

  3. Colouring for the resin — you can get opaque resin tint from CFS along with your resin. It cures slower than GP when using the same amount of catalyst which helps to give you time to play with layers etc.

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