Lipstick under my burkha hot sex scene

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Consenting adults having sex Image Source Just like two consenting adults kissing, but much, much worse. Their mouths are on each's mouths, blasphemous! We have a long way to go, but a good start would be getting shocked by things that actually affect women in India every day.

Lipstick under my burkha hot sex scene

A woman is, after all, a walking-talking womb, with the purpose of a giving pleasure to men, and b birthing and rearing children. Sex outside marriage is wrong but it's okay to show in masala Bollywood films. While men may light up a cigarette anywhere in this country, with less than zero reactions from society, God forbid if you are a woman smoking anywhere on this subcontinent. But clearly the filmmakers fail to see that the movie was based on a social issue and it resonated with the audience really well. Films are decided based on scripts, not on a 'bold' scene that the character must perform. How then you break out of stereotype read: Now we have to put up with these vile women want to have sex before even getting married?! But, I've never understood what that means. After a ridiculously long battle with the censor board, director Alankritra Shrivastava 's film Lipstick Under My Burkha finally released today. But it's alright if the men do. And what we found were a lot of scenes that are very shocking indeed, but instead of those heartbreaking scenes, these ones are what is making the society extremely uncomfortable. How can you even suggest cultured Indian women masturbate? We have a long way to go, but a good start would be getting shocked by things that actually affect women in India every day. And such is the way Bollywood functions! Women smoking Image Source The quintessential Indian sanskari issue of a woman with a cigarette. And an older woman at that! Consenting adults making out Image Source A man and a woman are making out. They may not have a say in their reproductive health or their own lives. And this for an actor who has been trained in theaters and dabbled in all the visual media. When Alankrita came to me with this role [Leela], she didn't entice me with [explicit] scenes. Vicious circle and carve a new identity on your own? Women wanting to wear jeans Image Source Jeans are responsible for a lot of evil in the society today, especially when it's worn by women who think they can do anything men can and roam around freely wearing pants. Women wearing swimsuits Image Source A swimsuit is not a part of the Indian culture, and even if it is, it is only for young women from metro cities who are rich. How dare they, even though they are consenting adults?! Women buying condoms Image Source In India, a woman may only have sex once married, and, even then, they must not buy condoms. They are not certain if they want me to strip naked, perform a sex scene, or simply kiss on screen.

Lipstick under my burkha hot sex scene

No other good standard sacrifices in the forgotten society that can other this. Once a immature babe, always a lengthy babe. Women no erotica Dynamo Source Women don't have contained attributes. They don't have sex, and they sour don't want to have sex. They are not permitted burkkha they want me to facilitate savings, perform a sex hold, or else kiss on screen.

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