Leo and taurus match

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The Taurean is usually more traditional among the two, and will want to have the classic courtship. And Taurus, be willing to talk more. They are both a personification of love, each one of them in their own way. When Leo finally accepts a relationship, they are gushy and keen to put Taurus on show for all and sundry — family, friends, workmates — all will receive the new love meet-and-greet. The Leo is more than pleased to provide the same.

Leo and taurus match

This is where Leo can be seen, and act as a gallant person that deserves the best, while Taurus could enjoy really good food. AstrologyBay Staff Last Updated: They will usually have excellent tastes, and will be connoisseurs of good food, dressing, etc. Leo values peace, too, but for them it is hidden in a different, much more joyful place or in public, such as peace between entire countries and continents. Sometimes Taurus bottles up its thoughts and thinks others know what's going on, others typically don't know what you are thinking unless you say it. The Leo is a party animal and enjoys being on the center stage. Check new design of our homepage! Taurus and Leo are on a one-way journey to the good life. Leo loves the sensual attention and adoration given by Taurus which includes head to foot massages with essential oils. The notion of "my way or the highway" will only end in annoyance and pain. When you notice something good about your partner, go ahead and say it rather than keep it to yourself. Their creative strength is the strength of a Venus in combination with Sun, so we could say with certainty that they would create something in image of universal love. None of them has the role of a floating island in search for someone to merge with. The Lion is often slower to warm — as a fire sign — they are usually out there blazing their way through society and overlook the friendly but less gregarious Bull. Feb 20, Astrology provides brief guidelines on the love compatibility between two zodiac signs. After all, differences push you both to grow and step outside of your own experience. The Leo is more dominating and bossy among the two. They prize physical comfort and luxury; Leo is often flamboyant about attentions and gift-giving, which will greatly please Taurus, who loves the most traditional forms of courtship. Love Compatibility There is a lot of initial attraction between these two zodiac signs due to several reasons. Once they have decided that the relationship is to stay forever, nothing or no one can make them change their thoughts. It is of outmost importance that both of them develop their personalities and moral boundaries independently in order for them to be functional together. They both desire physical touch, they want to spend time together, and they want to explore the world. The Leo will love the patient and reliable nature of the Taurus. Either they will lie down, sleep, eat and cuddle, or they will separate and do things without each other. If they decide that they want their love relationship to stay, almost nothing will convince them to leave their partner.

Leo and taurus match

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  1. Taurus is inert and loves to spend time on their couch while the rain outside falls and they hear nothing but the sound of a fireplace.

  2. This couple are quite different in their approach to sex but because Taurus is more of a giver and Leo more of a taker — those aspects actually complement each other and generate lots of sizzle and steam in the bedroom.

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