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The Quick Joint provides excellent pullout resistance and superior hydraulic blow-off protection. The internal O-ring provides a hydraulic seal. Once the tap is made, the Ultra-Tite should be securely tightened to the corporation stop outlet thread. Wallsetters Ford inside settings meet water meter installation requirements with three basic design applications. All Ford Inside Meter Setting Devices, while adding a small initial cost to meter installation, provide long-term cost saving advantages.


A positive, external and visual stop ensures correct installation, providing maximum gasket seal. The internal O-ring provides a hydraulic seal. Ultra-Tite couplings on corporation stops are assembled hand tight and must be removed for drilling or tapping machine adaptation to corporation stop outlet thread. Handles for Valves Handles for valves are available. For copper or plastic tubing and pipe there is a split clamp locking device, which is drawn down securely on the tubing or piep by tightening a stainless steel screw. Consult pipe or tubing manufacturer for specific installation requirements. The bronze split ring is drawn down when the nut is tightened, providing the mechanical seal and lock on the pipe. This easy to use fitting is available on a wide variety of Ford products. No insert required or recommended How the Ultra-Tite Works An integral stop within the coupling ensures full pipe insertion. Add "SW" to the end of the catalog number. Installation instructions are shipped with product. Add "W" to catalog number. This feature is typically used to avoid damage to the service line caused by freezing. Once the tap is made, the Ultra-Tite should be securely tightened to the corporation stop outlet thread. Insert "P" into the catalog number. Add "R" to catalog number. A transparent fluorocarbon coating covers the interior of the nut, providing smooth torque transfer. If an additional size is required other than the sizes listed, please contact the factory for availability. New installations, existing service line installations and settings for special applications. Tee-head sold only with padlock wings. Standard lengths are for direct water main taps; longer lengths for saddles are available. The directional serrations of the plastic grip ring engage the outside diameter of the pipe or tubing providing a mechanical seal and lock. Minneapolis Pattern Valve Threads are available around the valve body in order to attach Minneapolis style curb box. Insert "RW" into the catalog number. Plastic Upper Section uses the same bolts as a standard iron upper section to connect to Yokebox base. Accepts both standard locking or lockless lids. The loop channels water from the main, runs inside a basement with a tee connection for the customer's plumbing and returns to the main with another Pitorifice Corp copper tube opening that faces downstream.


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