Kenda drive in movies

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It should be good to go. By the s, the number of drive-ins nationwide was on the decline. I have a couple from Vilonia that comes all the time bless her heart she went into labor here. The winners will not only be getting all seven full sized products, they will also be getting a vast assortment of sponges, towels, microfiber cloths and pads to use with those products!! Take a look inside Arkansas's only year-round drive in theater and learn about its history.

Kenda drive in movies

Being a CRO Champ, with Gold Eagle supporting me and supplying all of these great products really makes for a wonderful and memorable event, not only for all of the car owners but for the whole community of car people who will continue to hear about these types of grassroots events. We have some customers that come every other week. This has definitely been a highlight of my year. The earliest we start is 7: Coming here they can sit together - they don't have to worry about a theater. My dad was an only child, so they named it the Ken Theater. People told him he was wasting his money. Even when the rain came, we just hit the windshield wipers and relaxed in our own vehicle, enjoying a night at the movies together. But those times change. We have a lot of people who, this is the way they watch movies. Running seven nights a week with a rotation of as many as four movies per week was the norm. It should be good to go. Speaker tonight, or just the radio? It's a bucket list thing. Grav went and got a bucket of popcorn and drinks for us, and we sat in the car and watched The BFG and the new Independence Day movie. Our son and daughter-in-law usually work the front. It was named after her. My birthday is December and we opened in April. At first glance, the Kenda Drive-In does not appear to have changed much over the years; however, major improvements in both the facility and equipment have greatly changed the movie experience. Numerous free-admission events are held each year, including Family Fun Nights and Spooky Fun Nights for the kids and Throwback Thursdays for antique-car enthusiasts. It was a very stormy night, tornadoes popping up everywhere, she comes up and told me she was in labor and I told her get back to Conway! Our digital keys are activated at certain times. I have a couple from Vilonia that comes all the time bless her heart she went into labor here. We had about five years advance notice. The couple ran both theaters for two years until the Ken Theatre burned in They named the new business the Kenda Drive-In after their daughter. The car owners who have attended the most movie nights will be in for a real treat.

Kenda drive in movies

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  1. This year, the Kenda Drive In celebrates its 50th anniversary. Speaker tonight, or just the radio?

  2. Speaker tonight or just the radio? Running seven nights a week with a rotation of as many as four movies per week was the norm.

  3. It gets very busy. The car owners are told that the more nights they attend the better chance they have at winning prizes.

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