Is it cheating if you kiss another girl

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I'd trust her more, not less. I think you explain yourself quite well above. How you feel or how he'll feel are poor criteria for decision-making, because the the former makes it about you, not the wronged party, and the latter lends itself to basing a moral decision convenience. Don't do it again and don't put your bf through unnecessary pain to ease your guilt. Stop reading this and go talk to your man!

Is it cheating if you kiss another girl

My wife didn't tell me because she didn't want to hurt me, but I found out later. You won't be able to restore the new relationship excitement, but if you can't create a new sort of excitement and draw for this relationship, you're likely to continue sabotaging it. Not telling him is only going to make you feel uncomfortable. How will you feel if he finds out a year from now that this happened, and breaks up with you saying "I could've handled it if you'd just been honest with me. Clearly her boyfriend's okay with it, but will my boyfriend be mad? My subconscious was trying to send me a message. Then you should respect what you conclude his wishes would be. More along the lines of "So, I did this really stupid thing and I want you to know about it. There's stuff to discuss here, if you're the sort who prefers diving into likely-painful topics to learn what's in there. Keeping secrets can be more harmful if you aren't naturally a private type of couple some couples share everything, some believe certain things are never said. The problem with telling him is that no matter what you say or how you describe it, he's going to have to imagine what the situation was really like, and imagination is a very powerful force. If yes, then is your current panic because you believe you have wronged him? I would feel that timeline from the event to when I found out would be a betrayal of honesty. You do need to think about the situation that caused it, however, and avoid them assuming you want to remain in your current relationship. Tell him, don't, it'll be fine. Sometimes that's not enough and this is one of the ways that the deeper parts of ourselves let us know that. More From Thought Catalog. Relationships should be carefully curated -- of course honesty is key, but it is not a panacea. If you have sex with someone who is too drunk to know what the fuck is happening, you are raping that person and they are not cheating. Do you ever want to do this again? Every awesome person is your potential soul mate. Take him on a surprise date, play a game together instead of just sitting on the couch reading separate books, go on a road trip, take up a new hobby together, etc. Do you love your boyfriend? I had to re-read your OP a couple of times to realize you are confused about what you want. Even taking the alcohol into account, you made a series of small decisions that put you in the situation where something like this could happen. Use This 6-Question Picture-Quiz to Find Out… The easiest way to know if a woman will cheat… is to figure out her true level of interest in you.

Is it cheating if you kiss another girl

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