Igi diamond certification reviews

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The diamonds characteristics are plotted on a diamond diagram. Where a mined stone will get a letter grade for color, a lab stone will only get the category. I have between , to spend and want to go as big as I can for that amount, no lower than H in color because I actually can see color and below H bothers me.

Igi diamond certification reviews

I was hoping to have an actual discussion about this with someone on the other end actually looking at stones , but that did not happen. It may all stem from the 0. I bought ours from a local place here in NYC will post info if that's allowed. Am also interested in names of other, reputable on-line brokers. Or that's the stated reason. Brief History of IGI IGI's mission is to provide the industry's professionals and customers with detailed, reliable expertise through education programs and by providing diamond and fine jewelry certification services. The amount of fluorescence is noted on a scale from None to Strong. Am starting to wonder what is up here. Started in , the International Gemological Institute IGI is the biggest independent gemological laboratory in the world, with offices in all major diamond trading cities. Diamond Clarity A diamond's clarity is given by an expert gemologist using a microscope with a10x magnification loupe. Proportions are evaluated based on the execution of the cutter's design, rating factors such as table diameter, crown height, pavilion depth, girdle thickness, and culet size, and is assigned a grade from Excellent to Poor.. How do I cut corners on clarity and still get an "eye clean" stone. Honestly, I was hoping for more bang for my buck. The diamonds characteristics are plotted on a diamond diagram. I am really having second thoughts. So that is my first question: How the GIA grades lab diamonds on color and clarity Not gonna rehash these helpful guides on how clarity and color are categorized. Diamond Color The color of a diamond is based on a scale from D colorless to Z yellow by comparing it to stones of a predetermined color. Seriously this tool is invaluable. It probably helps that the IGI is a little more forgiving too with cut grading, as I'll show further on. Reading this forum though, a lot of you women seem to have "eye clean" stones that fall below this. They get all of their stones graded by the IGI because the GIA is intentionally vague on color and clarity for lab grown stones metrics where they can beat mined stones on prices , whereas the IGI gives more detailed info for those. Clarity is given based on a scale ranging from IF internally flawless to I3 imperfect or heavily included. A diamond diagram with plotted clarity characteristics is also part of the report. Any help, thoughts, advice, name of person at JA to deal with would be much appreciated. Went to James Allen based on internet reviews.

Igi diamond certification reviews

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