How to turn a guy off

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My friend, Natalie, made me feel like men do when women have a problem that never gets resolved. Don talk about your problems Everybody has them its just part of the human condition. I no longer have time and patience for drama like I once did when surrounded by chicks. I saw that she brought up this problem with many people, seeking their advice, so my comments were just another dribble in the bucket. Im not your dad.

How to turn a guy off

Hobbies relief stress, promote our mental well-being, and make us more interesting. The thin-skinned female is high maintenance and rarely worth the effort. Im not your dad. Life is too short to listen about the same problem for 15 years no matter how compassionate you are! This ability has turned me into a sought-after advisor for my girlfriends who are out in the dating world. I started to do the math in my head and figured out she'd been talking about this issue for the past 15 years! Dont forget your manners One of my main rules as a man is classic chivalry. When that never happens, he feels defeated. Yes, guys are willing to accept that women are more verbal and need to talk more than they do, but it turns them off big time when listening is not reciprocated. Dont dote on them and make them the only topic of conversation, seeking my advice or approval. Career-Obsessed Nothing sucks the excitement out of a relationship more quickly than when Im wining and dining my lady and she whips out her iPhone so she can promptly answer emails from her boss. Excessively Talking and Thinking About Themselves For many years in my relationships with women, I played the role of the supportive friend—the listener, advisor, and humorous side-kick. Living in a male-dominated home, I've become hyper-aware of the things women do that are a big turn-off to guys. I dont mean to be that guy, but it just wasnt cute. When my 3-year-old son got diagnosed with autism, my friends took off like a flock of geese upon hearing a gunshot. A chick enjoys talking about a problem, looking at it from all angles, and getting other people's perspective on it. Unfortunately, many of my single friends have not been around guys as much as I have. Women do themselves a huge favor by becoming more attentive and responsive to their guys. I was on a date with a girl who seemed to have given herself a manicure while driving on a bumpy road. That, my friends, illustrates a huge difference between men and women. Baby-talk Dont resort to a baby voice to try and get something you want out of us. It was a way to bolster ourselves at a time in life when we felt most insecure and awkward. Once youre out on a date, I want to know that youre also interested in getting to know more about me. This is a hard personality type to deal with for most men. There is nothing worse than being distracted by a girls pits or those accumulated clumps of deodorant on your underarms.

How to turn a guy off

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