How to tell your boyfriend your pregnant

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It's easy to incorporate his favorite foods, sports teams, or even bring out his sentimental side. It's not necessary to hire a photographer or spend a ton of money. That's how it went down. I thought I was funny.

How to tell your boyfriend your pregnant

I told him my students got me the balloons and he just had to read the card they got me. Telling a man that he's going to be a dad for the first time -- and every time after that -- is a big deal. After the mom and the doctor, they're usually the first ones to know about a new baby. While every idea is just as amazing as the next, we've narrowed that long list down to 40 of our favorites. He asked if I was pregnant and then got very excited! Husband reveals have the capacity to be super memorable and crazy unique. He was just as shocked as I was! But some couples prefer to have a little more fun. He laughed, kissed me and said, " Please don't wake her up; just let her get some sleep. Ready to be outnumbered and surrender to the chaos? We have a habit of leaving each other little gifts on the kitchen counter from time to time—a card or a flower, or whatever. Advertisement Husband pregnancy reveals don't necessarily have to be as huge or extravagant as regular pregnancy announcements. That night after dinner he went to cut it and when he pulled the knife out he saw a speck of blue. But that is not all you are. Inside was a new dad's book, a bib and a burp cloth I had made to look like bunker gear he's a firefighter. We had actively been TTC [trying to conceive] for 6 to 7 months, and he had even made the comment to me that if I got pregnant in February, the baby might be born on his birthday. I waited until I got home, wrote on the bathroom mirror to go to the kitchen, and put a sign on the stove to open the oven. He picked up the card and saw the test underneath. He had gotten up to go to the bathroom after I got out of the shower, so I followed him out. After all, what better way to launch a new chapter of your life together than with a super-cute pregnancy reveal? I thought I was funny. I had nothing planned and no time to plan it, so I just told him through bursts of happy tears. It's probably a little bit my fault. It's not necessary to hire a photographer or spend a ton of money.

How to tell your boyfriend your pregnant

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