How to stop dreaming about your ex

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Dream Blog , Relationship Dreams Have you ever felt like there was one person from the past who you let slip through the door? Interact in a safe way -- especially if there was abuse -- and try to forgive. After all the dust is settled, and you think you have moved on from your ex, then come the dreams about that person. So if I was to tell you NOT to think about your ex, your brain is immediately going to start thinking about your ex. This takes retraining to replace with a New Habit like thinking of redecorating your living room, or new photography ideas, or

How to stop dreaming about your ex

Have faith that those dreams will subside and you will be able to proceed to a better place. Noooooooooo…… You thought you were over him or her and suddenly your dream makes you think twice. So as someone who has recently gotten her heart crushed, I find the part I struggle with the most is the continuing thinking of the ex and wondering what he's doing, how he's feeling The list is endless. Keep yourself Embrace Your Dreams….. Sometimes when we want something to go away, the exact opposite will happen. Do I have any lingering pain from my last relationship? Have you ever met an older person who has a lot of hate in their heart? Learn to accept the fact that you and your ex were not meant to be together. Something Is Reminding Your Of Your Ex There can often be little things throughout the day that can trigger feelings or even dreams about an ex. By trial and error. That last c can be very effective. By attempting to resurrect the past it wants its routine back. Most of the time, however, dreams are symbolic and not literal. You will find yourself having more questions than answers, which makes matters even worse. Consider how you felt in the dream, what was happening around you and how the dream ended. Fortunately, you are not alone. Forgive Them The first step in stopping those horrible dreams about your ex is to accept that fact that your relationship never worked out, and that is ok. It just means that you accept the situation and understand that the relationship was never intended for the long term. Reliving the past will not solve that. Perhaps there was an ex from your past that you were madly in love with, this period could always represent a golden era in your dreams. If you follow your ex on social media, unfollow them immediately. If everyone around you sees the writing on the wall, but you, it may be time to do some soul searching. So instead of getting all angry and frustrated whenever you dream about your ex, just embrace it. You might be in a long term relationship that has started to feel stale, or you could be single for an extended period.

How to stop dreaming about your ex

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  1. Nothing is worse than feeling like you are alone in your love. Most of the time, however, dreams are symbolic and not literal.

  2. Emotional Freedom Technique This is a technique perfected by many energy workers and body workers that helps people literally jab at the knots in their energy fields till they are gone.

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