How to satisfy sex cravings

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What I mean by this is that so many times we are wired to run from God in guilt, fear, and shame when we are struggling with our sexual desires. If you are feeling the need to engage in a compulsive behavior, look at your list and distract yourself with another activity. There's so much more to us than that.

How to satisfy sex cravings

Be honest, even though it may be a difficult conversation. Try to work smarter, not harder. God can use all kinds of people to fill our deep emotional needs for connection. Physical activity is one of the healthiest ways to control and manage a range of feelings and emotions, including the urge to have sex. Staying busy helps keep your mind preoccupied and focused on things other than sex. Sexual needs and desires are not something to be just dismissed and pushed away. These are the ones whose gifts change lives. Carry the list with you at all times and review it when you experience a sexual urge. And often those rolling the phrase off their tongues are equally uninformed. There are many factors to planning this kind of protection, as well as a few really practical steps that we can take in order to guard ourselves. But the first step is always to connect with Him. I am a year-old married woman and have a beautiful married life. A journal can help you identify triggers and patterns. This, added to our desire to be loved, can create a perfect storm of both physical and emotional needs. Best of luck to you, — Anne. After a while, you may be able to extend the amount of time you go without feeling the need to engage in the behavior. Some techniques may include: Socialize How can a Christian satisfy sexual needs and desires before marriage? Prayer, reading the Bible, taking part in Bible studies and Christian communities, worshipping God, and serving others—all these things can help fill that desire for love, for connection to something greater. For example, if you have a tendency to view porn at home alone, find a hobby that takes you out of the house and surrounds you with people, so that you are not in a triggering environment. First, to fufill your physical needs, you could work out through exercise, join a sport, or even just dance in your bedroom. The problem is not that our sexual desire is so strong. God is love, and in our very human, imperfect state, He has made us to need Him. Unfortunately, our world tells us that to be socially relevant or to really prove we love someone, we need to be having sex. We talk regularly and do video chat as well, but I crave for sex.

How to satisfy sex cravings

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  1. Shifting your attention back to your present task. Increased hormone levels are going to cause you to have sexual feelings, not to mention that your experience and knowledge is expanding every day, giving your mind things to think about that you never considered before.

  2. Try to step away from any environment where you feel it's difficult to control your urges. Thirdly, we can connect to the world around us.

  3. It is about our souls. One day we will be at the wedding feast of the Lamb and we will be His bride.

  4. When you are looking to treat the symptoms of sexual needs and desires, it might be worth while to look at it as a symptom, and not a cause.

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