How to make your sex life interesting

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Make the first move. This will give you a better sense of how much pressure, from gentle to firm, you should use. Use these freely to avoid painful sex—a problem that can snowball into flagging libido and growing relationship tensions. In women, alcohol can trigger hot flashes and disrupt sleep, compounding problems already present in menopause. Seeing him in a place that doesn't have anything to do with you will reveal a different side of him and reconnect you with the person you fell in love with.

How to make your sex life interesting

The same is true in the bedroom — especially if you and your partner have been together for a while and sex has become automatic. Focus instead on maintaining emotional and physical intimacy in your relationship. If talking directly is too difficult, you and your partner can underline passages that you particularly like and show them to each other. The next thing you know, he'll be pushing past you to wipe the counter, change the kitty litter, and unload the dishwasher. It's perfectly appropriate to tell your partner what feels good in the middle of lovemaking, but it's best to wait until you're in a more neutral setting to discuss larger issues, such as mismatched sexual desire or orgasm troubles. Of course, that narrow view underestimates the complexity of the human sexual response. There is no one ideal. Do something daring outside the bedroom and dopamine levels may skyrocket — along with your sex drive. Maybe it's after you finish a long run — your blood is pumping and you're relaxed and exhilarated. No wonder we're not in the mood — we're tired! Enjoying a satisfying sex life Sex. On one level, sex is just another hormone-driven bodily function designed to perpetuate the species. Don't equate love with sexual performance Create an atmosphere of caring and tenderness; touch and kiss often. Proper stimulation of the G-spot can produce intense orgasms. Or try exploring erotic books and films. This exercise can help you explore possible activities you think might be a turn-on for you or your partner. Seeing him in a place that doesn't have anything to do with you will reveal a different side of him and reconnect you with the person you fell in love with. Armed with good information and a positive outlook, you should be able to maintain a healthy sex life for many years to come. This is especially helpful for people with low desire. You're not quite sure how — or when — it happened. Some women tend to be more sensitive and can find the spot easily, but for others it's difficult. Hold off if you can! In addition, being overweight can promote lethargy and a poor body image. In addition, women who smoke tend to go through menopause two years earlier than their nonsmoking counterparts. Confide in your partner about changes in your body.

How to make your sex life interesting

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  1. Instead of focusing on the end game, learn to enjoy the sensuality of sex. Or perhaps it's when you do yoga and achieve a mind-body meld.

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