How to make a girl squirts

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Lightly pressing can be enough for some women, while others need intense pressure. Pressure on your bladder is naturally going to make any person feel like they need to pee. Most women will ejaculate otherwise known as squirting through G-spot stimulation. Gently stroke the area with your middle finger and see how she responds. You can also exfoliate and use lotion, so your hands will be baby smooth.

How to make a girl squirts

The next question people often have is Insert your index finger with your palm facing up about to your second knuckle. When doing this make sure to run your fingertips along the top wall of her vaginal canal. The last option is to use lube. First I must give credit where credit is due. As you start curling them again, start to apply more pressure. Dildos and penis shaped vibrators can work great, but keep an eye out for purpose made G Spot vibrators and dildos that will make stimulating her G Spot and making her squirt super easy. If one of your hands is pressing on her mons, have her rub her clitoris while you stroke her G-spot. Some women can ejaculate a larger amount of fluid, which includes fluid that comes from the bladder. These toys have curved or contoured heads that are designed specifically for G-spot stimulation and do most of the work for you. PSA is generated in both males and females by the prostate gland. Active feedback is the best way to quickly improve in all aspects of your love life. In the illustration below, you can see an exaggerated, and more extreme angle that, hypothetically, would provide even more stimulation to her G Spot as the head of you penis slides over it with every stroke. Okay, before we get into the technique to make your woman ejaculate, we need to go over a few things first. Repeat as many times as she can handle! Standing behind her is probably the best position as you can easily reach around her and kiss her neck while doing it. You then need to move forward along her butt, while staying deep inside her, then backward while also staying deep inside her. After doing this for up to a minute, slowly pull out your middle finger. The reason is because when a woman is not aroused, the G-spot will be more or less flat, but as she becomes more aroused the G-spot will become more pronounced and easier to find. You and your partner likely have body dimensions that are different to the demonstrations below and the same goes for your preferences. Ideally, she should be wet enough that you can coat your finger with her natural wetness before penetrating her. Your girl will be lying down on her stomach, and you will be straddling her. What Is Female Ejaculation? Active feedback — Talking to her and getting specific feedback is crucial. You can even ask her to show you what she wants. Although it is possible for a woman to experience a squirting orgasm from clitoral stimulation or A Spot stimulation, but overall the G Spot is the most common and the best place to start. Squirting during sex If your partner can squirt easily when you are fingering her more fingering techniques , and you both enjoy it, then it only makes sense to try making her squirt during sex.

How to make a girl squirts

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