How to have quickie sex

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That need-you-now urgency is hot, plus brevity keeps us in the moment. Done right, quickies can be a thrill. Think pleasure, not orgasm Sure, orgasm is great and is generally the goal when it comes to sex.

How to have quickie sex

If you want your partner to get off in good time, make sure the setting is appealing. You can leave your hat on… And whatever else you like for that matter. So get her head in the game early. Minutes later, it was all over but the panting. Jenny Block is a freelance sex and lifestyle writer and the author of O Wow: Do it on your back deck—or in the car before walking into a party. So think about things you may already have on hand — a tie or scarf can easily double as restraints. Location Even quickies deserve a good setting. Oral first The tongue is an ideal tool for getting a woman ready for a quickie. Kiss, hold hands, whisper in her ear. Done right, quickies can be a thrill. And an eye mask or blindfold can amp up the anticipation and help get her to the big O in record time! For me, evenings at home are sacred. Her on top is a great pick so she can rub against you as you thrust. You can find her at www. Give her a head start Sure, sometimes a quickie is a spontaneous sort of affair. If she prefers deeper penetration and wants to be taken from behind, be sure to reach around and tend to her clitoris as well. Touch and kiss and rub and play and let the moment take you where it wants to go, before you know it, the big O will likely follow! So, relax and suggest she do the same. Most women relish a safe, comfortable, clean environment when it comes to sex. The best way to have shower sex or bathroom stall sex, you freaks is for her to stand with her back to you, legs spread, her hands against the wall. Emily Morse of the podcast Sex with Emily suggests softly stroking and touching over her underwear. But wondering if you might get caught any second, can really up the excitement ante. That leads to trust and closeness. Take her towel and start kissing her neck.

How to have quickie sex

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  1. Jenny Block is a freelance sex and lifestyle writer and the author of O Wow: That leads to trust and closeness.

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