How to communicate your feelings to a man

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Feelings exist as messengers for our needs, so acknowledge them and what they are trying to tell you. The way to do this, is to be aware of or at least want to know if your feelings are fear based or have an alternative motive. Here are a few recommendations for cultivating a relationship where you can share your fears, feelings, and insecurities:

How to communicate your feelings to a man

To deepen connection and commitment and overcome fear, we must do something different. Sometimes it may take a man a little while to get into the habit of doing something new. You are responsible for your own feelings and, thus, have the power to find solutions to make yourself feel better. Do not get caught up in feeling shame about your fear or fear about your pain. In order to receive what we need, we have to ask for it. See, this is what I believe, without a doubt in my soul: If there is none forthcoming, or if you feel belittled or invalidated, this person is unlikely to be emotionally mature enough for a healthy relationship. Therefore, slow down, take your time, and listen to your heart. A deal breaker is another thing. Ask them for help — and be specific. It means accepting the whole picture and full range of feelings in order to know each other fully and more deeply. This can build resentment and create distance. However, once you decide that you want a deep connection and accept that sharing more of your inner world is how we connect, you can gradually share more of yourself. What did you do differently? If you decide to communicate your feelings via phone, know that you won't be able to see the guy's facial expression and gauge his reaction to your news. Chest and throat congestion can signify sadness, while stomach discomfort can represent fear. Unfortunately, avoiding fears and insecurities, only grows that story of self-doubt or that you are not enough. As preparation, Mary worked on her confidence. However, avoiding fear and remaining silent about your needs only keeps you stuck in your pain. But certainly some ways are better than others. Step 1 Arrange a situation where you can talk privately with the guy, so there are no distractions. There are some things you should take care of on your own. Start to ask yourself what part of my feelings are about my past and childhood and what parts pertain to my relationship today? Some men find strong women sexy. Does he feel the same way? I want someone to share my thoughts, fears, and dreams with and who wants to do share in the same way with me.

How to communicate your feelings to a man

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  1. We tend to think of them as useful in keeping out harmful treatment, but when they are unnecessarily strong, they also keep out healthy connection.

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