How to break up with an alcoholic boyfriend

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I would also hold off on telling him that you are leaving until you are pretty much gone. He told me that he was angry, and that he feels that he was blindsided. They've been where you are, or close enough, and know how overwhelming the feelings can be when you find yourself in a group of people who understand and are simply glad you're there.

How to break up with an alcoholic boyfriend

He's forced you into this and you don't owe it to him to make it easier on him. That is the direction this is heading. I am moving out. The problem is that the breakup is taking too long. I, an internet stranger, can tell you that you deserve better you do but you probably need the chance to have your own space and figure out your own needs and desires before you will know what to do. When it's bad, it just is awful. There are no graceful ways to exit- just effective ones. Get some sort of support network- it doesn't have to be Alanon, but hey somebody who's been there, and who will listen. Every day is its own thing, and humans stumble from time to time, but it is possible for your guy to turn it around. I am unclear from your post if you are simply moving out and staying in the relationship or breaking up and moving out. Yes on both counts. And when that didn't work, I'd tell myself he needed me, that if I wasn't there he'd fall apart or die drowning in a bathtub wasted or any other number of things, but the horrible news is he can do all of those things with you by his side. Adding my voice to the chorus: I speak from experience. Each of these points. You deserve better than how he treats you. But he's got an addiction. There were only a few incidents, but it was awful. Like jessamyn, I'm not sure if you are still staying in a relationship with him even though you're not going to live with him anymore. Someone who reacts in an angry, overly emotional way during arguments is really not someone you want to try major life changes on without an escape route. The only thing I can think to do now, is move out so that I can distance myself from his alcoholism. He is manipulative, he is quick to be defensive, he can't take responsibility for the role that he plays in our issues. How do I brush off the guilt he tried to attach to me while absolving himself of any responsibility? Until he was not. So those are the things I need to be ready to go up against. Seems we see what we want to see. Whatever you do, or don't do, at an Al-Anon meeting is OK.

How to break up with an alcoholic boyfriend

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  1. He isn't willing to make those changes for any reason, including his own wellbeing. Make the decisions you need to make based on the reality in front of you.

  2. Sign your lease, get your keys, pretend everything is fine for a couple days, and then move everything in one go when he's at work or out.

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