How to become more observant

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Our senses are bombarded with so much information, sights, sounds, smells, etc. This can be a source of stress and frustration. In order to improve your powers of observation, you must make them a priority. Second, paying attention to detail enhances our situational awareness. Spend 10 minutes each way observing other commuters.

How to become more observant

Question 3] Is there anything you would like to learn more about with respect to this case study? Looking at an optical illusion, you may think that a straight line is curved or a still image to be moving. Improving Personal Observation Skills Observation is more than just noticing details to answer questions you already have. Emails are an effective and convenient channel of communication, but they are also a source of stress and distraction. What do you do differently now because of it? Situational awareness is the attention to different elements in your environment, understanding their meaning, and recognizing potential dangers before they happen. You don't always see what you think you do. Four decades later, smartphones live in the pocket of nearly everyone in the United States. It could be thinking to hard about a personal problem, letting your mind wander, surfing the Web, chatting with a friend, or talking on your cell phone. After resuming the task, says Tom DeMarco, co-author of "Peopleware," a book on productivity, it can take an additional 15 minutes to regain the same intense focus you had before the interruption [DeMarco, ]. If they seem distracted, slow down and ask what they are focused on. Share your experience below. When you finally get back to your task, you realize you only have a few minutes before your next meeting. In , Martin Cooper , a Motorola engineer, made the first call on a mobile phone. Tips Have a safety checklist and quality assurance checklist nearby for pressure and complacency. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in , 3, people were killed in crashes involving distracted drivers, and an estimated , were injured. We take breaks and browse the Internet. Take a drawing or painting class. When used appropriately, these powerful tools keep us on track and can help resolve problems in the workplace. Managing Distractions Idea Log Of these distractions, which one distracts you the most? Watch the video Have you ever walked down the street and had someone on their cellphone bump into you? Keep an observation journal detailing irregular occurrences, sounds, and events happening around you. Most of the time, smartphones are used to fill in the small gaps of time when we believe a few seconds of shifted attention is no big deal. And time is short. Tell your co-worker that you're working on deadline, but you'd like to catch up later. Continuous operation requires people to work shifts.

How to become more observant

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