How to be sexy for husband

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Find out his favorite ale and pack about six packs in the picnic box. You may be surprised at how much both of you enjoy new sex positions. You can never be sexy if you fear trying out new things.

How to be sexy for husband

You can even take some melted chocolate and apply it to some parts of your body and let him lick it off you and vice versa. Look Into His Eyes…and Smile. Be flexible enough to be sexy at any given time, even when having dinner or doing laundry. Get confident, and build his sexual anticipation by asking him to touch you, and inviting him to make-out. Just make sure the chocolate is not hot. They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away. He will be turned on just by looking at your body. A few examples would be: You can take a piece of chocolate in your mouth and kiss him to give it to him. To do so, you need to embrace a way of keeping yourself looking good. Men are like pets, you need to train them to do certain things before they learn to do them. Men love bragging about their wives so give them a reason! He would never ever turn down your offer! Do physical activities that allow you to show off your stuff. And no, we don't mean to awkwardly stare at him! One of my clients once told me she needed to appear sexier to her husband so I asked her if he ever told her she was sexy, to which she said no. Get out of your comfort zone. Find out his favorite ale and pack about six packs in the picnic box. When was the last time you did that? Catch him off guard and offer him a sexy message. Be bold and know when you should strike. The handset may hold a charge for a while off the base, maybe even for a couple of days. Be subtle with your sexiness and do not throw it all out there. Have you ever sat around listening to men talk about their wives? Sharpen Up Your Flirting Skills. If he loves fly-fishing, get him to teach you how to fly-fish while you strike an argument around politics and religion depending on his interests.

How to be sexy for husband

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