How not to be clingy to your boyfriend

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Give them their own sweet time: You have to love and prioritize yourself and your needs first before you can support another human being; otherwise, you are just being clingy. Do you fear losing him? This will also prevent you from feeling pressured to stay in a relationship to avoid being alone. This will help you maintain balance in your life.

How not to be clingy to your boyfriend

If you are being possessive, jealous or insecure in your relationship, take a step back. This one applies to your life also. Advertisements Give yourself a moment and try to figure out whether this kind of behavior is potentially ruining your relationship or if you are smothering your partner with your neediness. Just like how you should allow your partner to have their own interests and hobbies, you should have your own too. Do not expect your partner to save you from the big bad world or take care of your feelings. People tend to be clingy when they expect their partner to meet all of their emotional needs. Do not feel the need to be in constant touch all the time. Don't always die for their opinion: Let them mingle with other people. Being insecure, clingy, protective and mistrusting is a big turn off. Hang out with your friends sans your partner. If like gardening and have been meaning to grow some seasonal plants in the backyard, go for it. I know you desperately want to, but getting physically intimate all the time takes away the passion. Do you cancel your plans with your friends at the last minute to spend time with your partner? Being in a relationship should not stop you from enjoying your private time. Focus more on the quality of time you spend together, not the quantity. Spend some time working on short-term and long-term goals that are not dependent on your partner or your relationship. This will help you maintain balance in your life. Do you fear losing him? Hangout with your friends without including your significant other. Well, you have to know that by keeping your partner literally close will not in any way stop them from losing interest if that time comes. Oftentimes, they even find it sexy when we refuse their help. So, why would you do it to your partner? Get busy doing things. Be the wise owl! Enjoy some alone time.

How not to be clingy to your boyfriend

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  1. Mind you, being clingy can be stressful and can make you develop too much insecurity, or worse, it can lead to your relationship's demise. Maybe the problem is not getting more out of that time and enjoying it.

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