Hollywood illuminati rituals

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But unfortunately, they didn't know how to help "deprogram me", or as Dr. I was called there by the leadership there. He was the head trainer in the group, and one of the most sadistic and brutal people I ever knew. That's a whole different story, and was one of the factors that made me leave the group.

Hollywood illuminati rituals

But I also know that this kind of child abuse must be stopped. I was a perpetrator, and I now regret it considerably. Jonathan was getting ready to move to regional, and he wanted me to take his place. The Illuminati is a group that practices a form of faith known as "enlightenment". The "spiritual" rituals, or occult rituals, were only one small part of the teaching of this group. They are told that this is a traitor who disclosed, and now he is being punished. That's a whole different story, and was one of the factors that made me leave the group. Two years ago, my children were on visitation with me and disclosed their abuse to me. I used to torture and abuse others, believing that I was "helping" them. Harvey Weinstein is a recent case as a predator. My ex came to get the children he could have put me in federal prison for not giving the children back, since the San Diego court system blatantly states that they do not believe in ritual abuse, and in EVERY case of alleged RA, the children are given to the allegedly abusing parent. Hollywood is a cesspool for predators and acts of homosexuality, sexual perversions, pedophilia, occultism, sexual and ritual abuse, and Satanic rituals. Her rare audio interview with researcher Greg Szymanski in January is available here. High profile predators caught in the industry: It is a very generational group. Springer, Thank you for contacting me. Protected by the industry, the media, even some governmental agencies, as they are governed by Secret Societies. In their normal lives, they remember nothing of what is done to them in these sessions. The lengths that this group goes to, to terrify its members into not disclosing, is unbelievable. They were strong in military training but weak in sciences, which was my forte. Jimmy Savile found to have a sex den and evidence of Satanic ritual Jeffrey Epstein found involved with underage girls and prostitution Harvey Weinstein accused of sexual harassment, sexual abuse, and pedophilia Hollywood brings a chosen one into the industry, promises prestige and fame. Initiations are conducted with contracts, and sometimes a sacrifice is demanded to prove loyalty. I also know that there are a number of people outspoken on this topic who have published, and they could possibly be back-up information for you. Even powerful businessmen and women are alleged to have Illuminati ties along with other World leaders, and business people in leadership positions even entire companies are alleged to have Illuminati ties. She also remembers our paternal grandmother taking her to friends who used her sexually at the ages of 3 to 5. Svali has an abundance of intriguing information on the Illuminati and ritual abuse available on a website at this link.

Hollywood illuminati rituals

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