Henderson drive in movie theater

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Richard resumes his position in the ticket booth while Dot dishes up the Starlite's renowned hot dogs and chili, the main attraction for some patrons. A few rusted speaker poles sprout here and there, but most are gone. Instead in June , Eric and Elise Sheffield held a public meeting with fifty concerned fans, and they agreed to form a non-profit group called " Hull's Angels " to keep the drive-in open. Hollingshead's drive-in, where patrons "could dress as they please, smoke, talk, and eat supper at the same time" lasted three years.

Henderson drive in movie theater

Like many other drive-in theaters, the Starlite hosted a Saturday flea market. To compete with suburban multiplexes, Woodall installed up-to-date FM sound. Drive-in theaters, which offered affordable, family entertainment, catered particularly to young suburbanites with children. The speakers are functional, but audio is also transmitted by the theater's FM broadcast. The Starlite's resurrection was brief, however, as Bob Groves died suddenly from heart failure in March Classic cars like the owner's Corvette share space with a row of " rat rod " VWs and dune buggies. Drive-ins predated shopping malls and suburban subdivisions, but their spatial organization "typif[ies] the features of all suburban commercial development. Vintage speakers decorate the gravel parking lot and mark parking spots for patrons. Paint peels from the ticket booth, and one side of the roof seems haphazardly repaired. As one fan explained , "We like to come early so the kids can come out and play before. The numbers continued to decline throughout the s; by century's end, fewer than theaters survived. By , barely one hundred drive-ins existed in the United States. The theaters we chose were close to our route, had addresses that could be located, and seemed relatively easy to find. Each suggests how people in different rural and urban places relate to the drive-in: As many as eight drive-ins operated in Roanoke, thirty-five miles north. A theater under construction in Moneta, Virginia, near the resort community of Smith Mountain Lake, explicitly claims this heritage and will be named the Mayberry Drive-In, after the fictional town in The Andy Griffith Show. The paint appears fresh, but tall weeds and boarded windows suggest no activity. Richard and Dot Beasley opened the Starlite in The difficulty in maintaining functional drive-in speakers was also apparent — speaker connections were patched with electrical tape, and the speakers themselves often bear the names of other drive-in theaters. The Woodall family operated the Commerce Drive-In for more than thirty years before competition from multiplexes led them to shutter the theater. In the s, many fell victim to suburbanization. Opened in , and run continuously by the Dalke family, the Family Drive-In has become a recognized part of local history. In the s, the advent of cable television and the expanding video rental market brought the drive-in industry to its knees. On opening night, May 16, , the theater featured a second-run film, Wives Beware. Hull's large, white movie screen is supported by metal framework in the middle and by wooden telephone poles on the sides, which suggests that the screen may have been enlarged at some point in the past. Online sites, such as Jennifer Sherer's Drive-ins. A "for sale" sign stands on a rise to the left; a cable stretched across the entrance bars entry Paved asphalt and cropped grass give way to an undergrowth of tall weeds, briars, and young pines.

Henderson drive in movie theater

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